Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Spring Summer Fragrance: D&G L'imperatrice

Spring is here and summer will be joining us soon and these days I just love fresh, light fragrances that lift my mood and make me feel like spring looks bright warm and lovely, so when I discoverd this beautifully fresh perfume I knew I had to get it and it took me some time to actually get my hands on it due to lack of social time or any time, but when I did I was so happy I waited because I valued it so much more .To me it smells like fresh clothes that have just been washed and flowers without the rose smell which I don't actually like and sometimes it smells like sweet grapefruit if that ever exists all mixed together, and I love it so much I use it all the time even on cold and grey days to cheer me up, I got mine from harrods because I happend to be in that area that day but I also saw it in Boots. For a 100ml bottle I paid £35 but bare in mind its an eau de toilette but it lasts long on me so I love it.

Houda x

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