Wednesday, 23 March 2011

AOTD Aldo Earrings

Hello people!

I haven't done an AOTD in ages probably since last summer I guess with university and all the chaos I wore less jewellery and accessories when I was going out.

I cannot get over the detailing of the keys look how intricate it is! 

I should probably call it accessory of the week lol since I have been wearing these all week and I absolutely love them! I got them from Aldo for .....................................£4 only! and they are pretty sturdy and I even slept with them.

This is how the keys look from behind, I love these soooooooo much!

I prefer this type of clasp not the pin ends that spike your ears, I like the curved shape it doesn't press in to my earlobe.

What do you guys think? Have you tried any jewellery from Aldo?

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Body smoothing

Hey everyone!

I have been wanting to try a body brush on the dry and harsh areas on my skin such as elbows and knees, I also have a little bumpyness happening on my arm on the outer side so I thought a little body brush from the Bodyshop might do the trick.

I have known for a while that the best way to smooth out your body and make it all soft is by exfoliating regularly but somehow I kept delaying getting a body brush. I have some exfoliating gloves, you know the ones that are made of nylon which works pretty well on normal skin,

However I felt that I needed something tougher on my difficult areas hence the brush, in the past I have something similar it was a rough mitt that I bought from a Turkish festival alooong time ago now and I don't know where to get it from any more.

It got mashed up on the way home :S but after I used it wet the shape came back again :)

But the best thing about this, is that you can also use outside the shower dry on your skin to motivate blood flow and make your skin glow. I remember seeing on TV that Scarlett Johansson does it to make her body glowy and stimulate blood flow.

I personally love that idea I tried it and it did make a difference I felt more of a difference in how my body felt rather than my skin but you must take care to brush towards your heart not away.

So far I have used this brush a few times but I will keep you guys updated on how my dry areas are doing with this brush.

Has anyone tried a body brush?

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Spring dress

I love that spring is approaching us, despite being very slow we do get our sunshine spells and when they come I like to whip out a few items that I love that add that extra spring feeling to my day

I bought this beautiful flowy dress from Primark last year and everyone loves it, I don't know if they have anything like now but I'm sure yo can find this flowy design anywhere.

 so feminine and elegant the quality of this dress is lovely I always try not to wear it because I love it so much! One friend even told me it reminds her of Chanel......aaaw I think so too :)

I love that light dusty pink it colour

Cute little bow to add that stylish finish

everything is so dainty and so meeeeee!

and finally a satin sash to sinch in the waist 

Its hard to believe its from Primark! That store has definitely come along way hasn't it? I really hate it when people say negative things about it that don't make sense like "Oh its rubbish quality!" or "I never find anything good!" there is always something there and these days we can't all afford to spend £40 on a  dress especially a student like me, at the same time even I know that Primark items don't always last but that is where you learn to tell what will last, what has good stitching and what might need restitching if you really like that item :)

Friday, 18 March 2011

For the love of pearls.........

I love pearls! They can do so much for an outfit, to me they go hand in hand with black they are the key item to enhance a black outfit. It all started when Coco Chanel put black and pearls together she showed how you could go from drab and depressing black to chic and sophisticated look I love it!

But don't be fooled people pearls go with more than just black, I feel like on neutrals they add an elegant feel to an outfit definitely a feminine element.
soooo pretty !

I love them because they can give such a luxurious look an expensive look and they don't even need to be real! I used to have a beautiful pearl necklace that my grandmother gave me but I broke it sadly I loved it so much though mainly because it was hers and it was vintage :(

it looked very similar to this 

I wore these pearls today I am so ill at the moment as some of you may know from twitter but I had to go to a presentation today for Uni at a company my dad had to take me and bring me back :(

Sometimes a little bit of pearls cheers me up :(

Do you guys like pearls?

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Glammed up Technology

Hey everyone!

So a few months ago I got this external hard drive to store all my uni stuff, blog stuff and any other things that were accumulating on my Laptop since it was getting a bit slow and wasn't dealing too well with the things on it.

I purchesed this online at PC world without even knowing it was going to look like all I knew was that it had 500GB of space so I got it. I also wanted it to be as small as possible I wanted the biggest space but without having to plug it in.

I also wanted it to be portable which is why I got it too. But I never knew it was going to look this chic!

I am not much of a pc geek lol, but I like my Tech things to be easy to use, you don't need a special CD to install, you just have to set it up and follow the instructions I was so shocked at how easy it was!

 Cute little cable :) NO PLUGS!

 You can fit a whole load of stuff I personally don't think that I will be filling it up any time soon though

ahhh the lovely warranty :) 
I also love the security feature that it comes with you can add all your personal photos, or documents and protect them with a password I personally haven't added the security feature yet because I am waiting to fill up my memory card lol.  

Has anyone found a Chic yet useful Tech gadget like this?

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Ever changing Lancome

Hey lovelies!

Me and my grandma were rummaging through her old stuff in my room that she kept and she found this very very old Lancome eye shadow duo and I have to say I was shocked at how its changed to its sleek and smooth black look it has now.

I'm not entirely sure how old this one but it could be about 20 years old, I didn't dare test it on my eyes but I swatched it on my hand to see how it looked and if it still showed pigment.

My grandma said I could have it but I just thought I would keep it as a souvenir since I love make-up so much :)

Enjoy the pics x

Current Lancome packaging 
Has anyone else got any old make-up from their mums or other relatives please share! I think its cool to see how packaging has changed through out the years or even if it hasn't!!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Storing your scarfes and belts!

Ok, so I don't live in a HUGE room and I also happen to share with my sister so it can be a bit of a squeeze I hated having my things everywhere since it made me forget what I had and often kept wearing the same item over and over.

I bought an Ikea wardrobe a few years ago but in the summer I redid my room and repainted threw away old furniture, I had two chest of drawers full of bits and bobs and junk.

I decided I would only have my stuff in 2 places I will show the new draws I got in another post, but for now I will show you how I store my scarfs.

This little helper is from Ikea its called  KOMPLEMENT
Multi-use hanger it be can easily find it in the wardrobes in Ikea they are everywhere also in little baskets 

On the other side of the door I hang my belts it just helps keep everything tidy out of the way.

I also got the flat metal hooks from Ikea too and I simply took any random hanger and used it 
 In all honesty I come home very tired some days and I just hang up my things randomly but I feel as long as it is out of the way and not being all messy on my bed I don't care lol but anyway it works for me and I think its a good idea to do this and make use of small spaces especially if you share with your hubby or you live in halls of residence.

Have any of you guys tired these Ikea has almost every storage solution! 

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Skin care products I am loving :)

So over the past months I have been trying to get my self a good skin care routine that works for me and keeps my skin hydrated and not breaking out.

My skin is on the dry side but certain aspects of my previous routine were making me breakout in horrible difficult to deal with spots.

My award winning "my actually award list :)" is the Neal's yard Orange flower facial oil I purchased my second bottle today because I loved it so much. It really is an amazing product and even though we are always being pushed into having so many different products into our skin care routine I personally feel that less is more.

It contains Neroli to help balance your skin, sea buckthorn to repair and replenish the skin and the lovely pomegranate for the dose of anti-oxidants.

It comes with this nice little applicator :) I use about 2 drops 

I think they best way to look after to skin is by giving it what it actually needs not too much or too little, some people say we need to use masks toners and so forth but I feel like I should only use them when I need to.

For example I am prone to blackheads and possibly because my skin is dry so dry skin builds up on my pores and they eventually get clogged up.

I have read from blogs and facial therapists like Renee Relaou that you get blackheads when the oils in your pores oxidise therefore turning them black.

So I Incorporated an antioxidant in my skin care that is in the Neal's yard facial oil. and so far I'm loving it! it keeps my skin super soft I don't get that slimy feeling that I used to get with creams, this is because creams and lotions contain glycerin that becomes slimy when with water. the emollients used that contain glycerin  forms a barrier across the skin this also tends to result in clogged pores.

 My little pump broke :( propbably because I dropped it about 50 times! 

This is a free sample of the honey scrub which I will be trying

However without knowing any of this I personally felt that creams weren't for me :( but I was surprised to find out that it wasn't just me being fussy but the Neal's yard lady told me that little peace of info so I was relieved

I have also been using my Alpha-H rice scrub everyday to insure my make-up is all off and my skin is renewed although bare in mind I use it very gently only in my stubborn areas like my nose, forehead and sides of my nose.

One last tip the therapist told me was that because I wore make-up everyday it was important that I do use a toner because that is the only product that will stay in my skin after I wash it since when I was my face I wash all the essential oils off too, so a toner will help that.

Sorry Elemis I don't love you that much!


You may not remember that I purchased a few months ago the Bobbi brown concealer kit and the eye cream that comes with it.

Ooooh creamy.....

I knew that for my concealer to look and stay put nicely under my eyes they had to be moisturised and I also knew that I had to moisturise them to look after them since I wear concealer every day so I was happy with my choice, so far it has been good for me it doesn't do any miracles but in terms of my under eyes being less dry then yes its good, its a fairly thick cream but not too thick that it annoys me or makes me feel tired,
in my past experience eye creams have done that to me but this one seems to be good I also like how it contains Aloe Vera, Jojoba seed and Avocado Oil.

I don't think I will be changing it any time soon here is some info about it on the Bobbi brown website.

Has anyone tired any of these products?