Thursday, 25 March 2010

Best Facial cleanser ever!

Hey everyone!

Since I havn't been posting many videos due to uni stress Iv taken up writing on my blog, I like it because I can say as much as I want and not have to edit anything out lol.

Anyway lets get on to the cleanser, my mum initially bought this for me because I was becoming a bit lazy with taking my makeup off, especially after uni I would sometimes sleep with it on or use the rubbish bodyshop one. So Iv been using it since then for about a year and its great! I use it on my lazy days and feel confident that all my makeup is off.

Not only does it smell gorgeous like fresh roses or something, but it cleans really well and leaves my skin soft without any residue. I just pour a little bit on a cotton pad and wipe away, its so refreshing!

I got mine from QVC and the good thing is that if it irritates your skin you can send it back within 30 days and get your money back! but I doubt you will since you will just love it!


How to wash your brushes properly!

So I posted a Video on My channel showing how I think is the best most affective way to way keep them dry I got lovely comments and I felt that most people liked the Idea, but I forgot to add how I wash them silly me, now I know that the lovely michelle phan posted a video where she explains that she uses a mixture of olive oil and anti-bacterial washing up liquid.

Now thats good if you have the time to to mix things up in a plate but as a lazy student I really can't be botherd sometimes lol, but that doesnt mean I want a duster all over my face when Im applying my makeup soooooo I just use some anit-bacterial hand wash !

Why I hear you say?

Well because an anti-bacterial handwash not only has the cleansing properties that kill bateria and germs, it also contains moisturisers to moisturise hands and keep them soft.

So if your not rich on time, then just use an anti baterial handwash it will save you time and keeps yout brushes soft!