Monday, 30 May 2011

A few favourites of the present

So I have been digging deep in my make-up pile these few weeks trying to be different and wear some of the things that really caught my eye when I first saw them.

I have gone off buying make-up since there isnt anything that new I did buy a few things from MAC a few weeks ago but they were very different new things from I usually have.

 Purple love 

I actually hated this palette when I got it the colour pay off was rubbish and I just didn't know what to do with it but the dark purple is great for smoky eyes and darkening the outer corner the colour right next to it is a nice pop of colour if you add it to a neutral look .

I used the top right shimmery lilac coloured eyeshadow and my Barry M Dazzle dust in #59 to make a nice spring look here is a pick of it before eye-liner and mascara.

I like how subtle it is you could wear it like this on its own especially if you have hooded lids it would give a nice pop of colour when you blink :)

Another favourite is of course from Chanel I have a deep love for their make-up although I often have to restrain my self from buying too much ! my Birthday is coming up soon so I might add a little to my collection who knows :) 

 I have had this beauty for ages you can see its only now starting to hit pan, this was once the only blush I owned I wore it everyday before I ventured into other colours and brands I still love it it almost is the most perfect colour for my skin tone I don't think they sell it any more.

It's very much a rose pink the texture isn't matt but rather looks nice on skin and gives it a natural finish. Below is the free powder i got with my Chanel Vita Lumier when I bought it its a great powder doesn't dry my skin out but I still prefer to set my foundation on hot days with my bare minerals. I just have this in my bag to powder my face in the afternoon .

I love it !
I actually didn't do a haul or anything when I bought this because I was still in my exam period and did not want to get distracted with blogging I will give it a separate post but it is one of my favourites.

What have been your favourites these past few weeks leave in the comments below :)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

MAC Haul :)

Hey everyone I got a few things from the Quite Cute collection from MAC Nothing really appealed to me in terms of eyeshadows or blushes but I really wanted to get the "In Synch" Lipliner the colour is this perfect bright barbie pink but rather has yellow tones which is perfect for me since I am on the yellow olive side :).

I also picked up the "Haute and Naughty Lash" mascara which is my first mascara from MAC and I do actually like it I think in some ways they are better the formula is more forgiving to your lashes and its less dry than my usual L'oreal mascara.

 The first effect
 Second effect

I find my self changing between the plastic comb types and the synthetic brush types and this time I am really loving this mascara. The only downfall with this is that at around 5 it flakes a tiny bit but what doesn't ?

Along with that lot I got the prep and prime highlighter in the orange tint which I wish I got in the yellow but I felt that the yellow one would look too ashy in me as it was very light on Temptalia's website so I thought id go with that orange based one.

Now I will say it does "Neutralise" dark circles but you cannot wear this alone if you pile it on I have worn it on its own when I was in a rush but you can only apply it on those dark areas otherwise you have this orange tint on your face.

Lastly I bought a new 210 liner brush since I could not find mine at all! However somehow AFTER I bought the replacement I found the old one! but im not too sad its good to have 2 of these brushes :)

I actually feel a little tempted to buy the "Something special" Creamblend blush

Did you guys get anything from the MAC Collections this season?

Houda x

Monday, 16 May 2011

Neal's Yard LOve me :)

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Yes you guest it today is going to be all about Neals yard! This post is more of a skin care post since most of the products I use these days are from Neal's Yard.

I just love their products everything works for me my skin is actually moisturised and my make-up goes on well and what makes me know its working is that when I stop you I can see the difference in the texture of my skin.

I also don't get that glycerine feeling when I wakeup the nest day to wash my face its fantastic!


OK so my first love is the "Beauty Sleep Concentrate", this is a wonderful serum that works at night feels amazing to put on and dries quickly it claims to leave your skin 98% more moisturised and I do feel a big difference in the morning, sometimes I don't even use my Orange flower facial oil or a cream and it does a good job!


I was also given a few samples to try at the store because I was supposed to get something free but they were out of stock and current 2 favourites are the "Frankincense Hydrating cream" and the "Orange Flower  Night cream".

I Love how the Frankincense feels as I apply it, so smooth and does really work I always wakeup with my skin feeling soft :)

I got this free on another purchase since my sister bought a few things for her friends new baby but my mum really loves the smell of this so I intend on giving it to her

A nice sized bottle smells a little funny to me but my mum likes it she used to have a Geranium plant which I also hated lol .

Has anyone else been enjoying Neal's Yard as much as me ?

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Free stuff is always the best!

Hey everyone so recently I checked out the free stuff available in the mags this week and to my surprise it was pretty good I ended up getting a free Nails Inc nail polish and a handy bag from Cath Kidtston I never usually go for the free items in magazines but these weren't to me missed!

I especially love the bag because I always find my self needing a carrier bag of some sort for my extra books papers or whatever I buy :

A more chic alternative to the carrier bag :)

Nail polish is a deep teal colour I think its nice for summer a pop of colour without being too in your face right?

What did you guys get from this months freebies?

Saturday, 14 May 2011

"To prime or not to prime that is the question!"

So im back blogging! yay i CAN FINALLY BLOG MY LIST OF POSTS TO DO! 

Ugh its been too long and the worst part is that I was actually using up alot of stuff and makeup bought a few things too which might be a little late on here, but I guess better late than never right?

As you can guess today's post is about primers :) yay! which I think are one of the most important products you will ever need if you wear eye make-up.

I know some make-up artists say you can skip it if you have dry eye lids but I think not. WHY! I hear you say..


  1. If you have a hooded lid then most likely you will get your eyeshadows or even foundation crease all over it and its not a good look AT ALL!
  2. If you have oily lids but are not hooded then the same will still occur (btw I do not have oily lids but still feel the need to apply a primer despite not having a hooded lid).
  3. Even if you do not have any of the above, you still need something to give you a good long lasting base I have found that wearing nothing on dry lids makes my eyeshadow look very faded and doesn't show up well.

So here are the primers I use and I do actually use them all since they all work very well but do different things.

MAC Paint pot (Bare study)

I have had this for yonks!! and I still use it to be clear about 2 years and it has yet to disapoint me, although when I bought it I did not know what it actually was just that it was a cream eyeshadow, later on I found out that it can be used as a base for eyeshadow to intensify the colour :) so about 3 weeks later I bought 2 other ones Groundwork and Girl freindly.

I describe the colour as a golden pink beige with some shimmer and looks lovely on the lid on its own or with eyeshadow.

SmashBox Photo finish lid primer

I bought this in the summer and I really liked the fact that it was a skin tone colour because I occasionally like to wear a plane light eyeshadow bur need something to even out my lids and as I mentioned before foundation would just crease.The lasting finish feels smooth and velvety.

A nice concealer like primer that can be used alone to even out lids.

MAC Paint (Bare Canvas)

As the name precies it to be it does look like a paint tube but isnt like paint at all its pretty much a long lasting cream eyeshadow, similar to the paint pots but with better performance. I bought this for the same reason as the smashbox but it lasts so much longer but not as opaque as the smashbox primer.

A light cream champagne colour with suttle pink

Urban Decay Primer potion (Original)

 This is the latest edition to my primers collection however I didn't buy it, it came with my naked palette and I only used it recently because I forgot about it :) oops! This primer is clear and long lasting too looks white when it comes out but as you spread it, the colour fades to nothing and leaves a silicone velvet finish to the lids.

MAC BareStudy Paintpot, Smashbox photofinish primer,Urban Decay Primer potion, MAC Paint