Friday, 14 May 2010

Accessory of the day AOTD

Hey people, so I have been very busy with exams and I haven't been all excited about getting dressed these days because the nervs take over.
I also cannot take having jewlery on me while im at an exam I end up taking it all off and puting it on the table, but this peice is so light I can barely feel it and looks so elegent on my wrist the cute little hearts add that exra sweetness, I love how feminine it is too.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

MAC 109 Face contour Brush for FOUNDATION

Lately I've been a fan of fluffy brushes to use with foundation and currently I have transformed my Bare Minerals brush into a more dense fluffy brush to buff in my foundation and it works even better than a stippling brush, especially with cream foundations I just love it, leaves my skin looking so natural.

However I have found that since my brush is not synthetic im worried I might damage it over time especially since the foundation I use it runny not a cream so this is why the MAC 109 brush is in my wishlist a small dense fluffy brush good for applying foundation and blending.

Houda x

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Eye of the Day :) EOTD

Instead of going all spring and pastel today I decided to go with a suttle sultry smokey which I found very flattering on me!

smashbox photofinish lid primer
amazing cosmetics concealer in light( just a tiny bit)
MAC Brule eyeshadow all over the lid
Everyday Minerals in fawn over the lid
NYX ceramic trio (middle one mid tone grey in the crease)
NYX ceramic trio (first one charcoal tone near the upper lash line and outer v)


Take the darker shadow and bring down to lower lash line (1\3 in)
Line upper lash line with a black kohl pencil (MAC Kohl power eye pencil in feline)
MAC dazzlelight eyeshadow inner coner and brow bone and BLEND but dont go mad!
l'Oreal renwal lash serum mascara

There you have it a nice everyday natural smokey that is glamorous but suttle!

Houda x

Sunday, 9 May 2010

MAC Pret a papier sneak ramble

 I wish mac had actually made the packaging look more like the right pic :(

So you may ir may not know MAC has a new collection out which is by far the most exciting collection I have seen, you may think "what is she on about its such a muted collection" but don't give in to what people are saying there are a lot of products which really stood out for me and probably makes me not want to buy anymore MAC till autumn or winter ( I heard that MAC is going to come out with a Disney inspired collection, how fun would that be definatley a collectors thing), anyway as I was saying the chromagraphic pencils in foundation shades are amazing! im sick of using white eyeliner to highlight or line my lip on the outer part, but these beauties are a must have and will last forever. But what really stood out for me was the Originality nail laquer so amazing its like bronze gold but not tacky almost like fine fine glitter on your nails.

However the eyeshadows wern't so amazing for me I mean lately I havn't been feeling the love to MAC's eyeshadows especially after I discovered INGLOT whom I lovem I mean come on MAC sell there eyeshadows for £11 and I think £8.50 for refills and being a student I think Hmmm maybe I don't spend my grant on makeup that I don't really need or makeup that can be replaced (with the exception of velux pearl shades and L.E Star flash shades they are to die for) and save a little.

So stay tuned for my little haul and to show you how much I love my readers I havn't even opened them to try on or play with so I can take good pics because we all know how yuck it is when bloggers post pics of their hauled makeup used, it kinda takes away the excitment .

Houda x

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Gold Summer Glow

 looks like gold dust SO pretty!

I have been loving my Id Bare Escentuals Face and Body Color in Gold Gossamer by applying it to my cheek bones forhead and my legs to create that golden sexy look especially if I mix it with my MAC strobe lotion It just becomes a magic potion for a glowing complexion and I definately suggest it for the olive tanned skin tones especially if you wear NC in MAC.

Houda x

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Wishlist: Aldo Monin Camel Caged Heels

Yet another Item to add to my wishlist (im not all makeup! I have another addiction, Fashion!) yes Im afraid to say that I have been lingering over these for a while and I just adore them they are trendy but at the same time their timeless and when you're a fashion addict you don't want to shop like mad but you want to adjust your taste to something you can wear for more than just a season I mean come on who can afford that these days?

I have always thought and tried to stick my  rule of fashion, that is to buy clever peices that probably won't go out of fashion or that you can style differently if the trend is changing, then you don't have the urge to conform to what the industires can sometimes push you into, and drive you a little bankrupt, now these babies arn't cheap but they are also not £350 either but for £50 I think they would worth it, but enough of me for now do you think that this a cool peice of leg candy ?

Houda x

Wish list: les tissages de chanel blush duo tweed effect

I have been collecting a few items that I want for this summer or in general and I have added them to a thing called a wish list ( you know stuff I wish for!) And to start of my list I chose Chanel's les tissages de chanel Blush duo in ( tweed effect pink) I love the beautiful tweed effect with the tiny shimmers in it .
Im actually excited about this product because im familiar with how their blushes are my first blush  was chanel Joues contraste in Caprice and I got it at selfridges, and I have it till this day.However I dont think they sell that colour now but Oh how I loved it and still do, and even though it was £20 or so it was so worth it I can't believe I've had it this long looks like a mini mineralise skin finish doesn't it ?
Joues contraste in Caprice
The finish is on the shimmery side but you get this nice sheen with it thats not over powering like say NARS Orgasm.

Lets hope this comes off the wish list and in haul post one day ey!

Houda x

Sunday, 2 May 2010

next best thing to chanel

I have always wanted a chanel quilted bag and every time I saw one I would wish it was mine sad I know, but I think its just the fact its got that padded or quilted affect that makes it look so classy and expensive and the double c's that seal it at the front  add that extra chic feel to it.

So as I stumbled across this fine beauty at Dorothy Perkins and I thought "oh my god how cute is this bag" I was impressed with the quality, so sturdy and not a tad bit tackiy, I know that chanel copy cats have been around for a while now especially the River Island ones in a larger size but I couldn't stand their chavy approach to that style by slapping on 2 big Rs and the fact that nearly everysingle girl at uni was fascinated by them was just alien to me.

Although its not actually quilted the thickly woven effect makes it look like a quilted bag and the chains with the leather running through it just adds that stylish twist that I've been looking for,  I just love this bag to bits!