Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My new BAG and random stuff :)

Hey guys I know I have been slow on the blogging but I have a hectic life and I guess its better than not having one I went to my grandmas house a few days ago without my laptop I felt like I was in some Amish town I only had my phone and my uncle got a new wireless hub and it just wants working!

And since they get someone to iron and clean the house I did not have much to do besides help my grandma with a few things and read books haha but when I came home I felt better lol.

anyway on to the goodies I got a new bag from Aldo what can I say I love that place its so chic and I always love what I get from there they are on the pricy side so I don't go as much I would like to lol.

But I snapped this little cutie when I was passing by and it was on SALE! and there was a further 30% reduction so I got it for about £13 from £30.

2011-06-14 13.54.14
ahh the love...
2011-06-14 13.54.26
2011-06-14 13.50.24
2011-06-07 13.36.58
Actual colour in natural light, it looks washed out in artificial light but its the perfect tan bag
2011-06-07 13.37.19
the tassels are my favourite, also the gold detail I cant get enough of this bag 0_0
2011-06-07 13.37.36
2011-06-07 13.37.51
2011-06-07 13.39.10
Moi x
oh and the belt I wore that day 
2011-06-07 13.39.46
me with my friends sun glasses 
2011-06-07 13.35.56

I have also been really getting into my fitness I got these summery Nike trainers that were on sale for £30 which I think is bargain for Nike I love the orange its different from I usually wear but they are so comfy its tempting to wear them all the time! 
2011-06-09 18.59.37
2011-06-09 19.00.00
2011-06-09 19.00.41
Lastly heres a few things I discovered something very cute 
2011-06-22 20.15.38
and something not so cute :(
2011-06-26 14.01.28
my baby sister attacked my naked palette I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS! she really dug her nails in it but im glad to see she has a passion for makeup even though shes only one :)

How was everyones week have you guys tried Anything from Aldo or Nike?

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Randomness in my life

I felt like doing a random post :)
I love food a quiet alot! I thought it would be nice to show you guys what I consumed......

Although before I show you I thought I might add a photo of my nails I have been really loving the free Nails Inc polish in Electric teal.

2011-06-01 15.38.11
2011-06-01 15.37.54

Ok on to the food!
2011-06-09 20.47.50
Home made Chinese food yumm!
2011-06-06 12.49.29
Something I ate from an Indian food place 
2011-06-04 19.16.08
a traditional arabic dish called "maqloubeh" which means upside down they cook the rice meat and veggies in layers and then topple in upside down like so on a serving dish 
2011-06-04 19.16.19
Salad to go with it :)
2011-06-03 21.47.52
and finally oven cooked chicken with sweet potato and salad 

And speaking of food I decided to try out the DIY Onion hair mask which basically consists of putting onion juice on your hair as it is supposed to increase hair growth over time, I have to say I only did it only once and im still debating with my self as to whether to do it again or not its been 2 weeks and 5 washes and I can still smell the onion in my hair :( 
2011-06-02 20.00.34
I actually used onion pulp as I didn't want to put an onion down our juicer my mum wouldn't be happy :D
I left it for for 4 hours then washed my hair as normal 

Has anyone tried the onion hair mask im told that yogurt is also good too but I have yet to try it maybe I will do it later and see how it goes

Drugstore discovery......

Sooooo I was bored I had to wait for a friend to finish up her shopping so I decided to "wait" in Superdrug, Now I usually scan the make-up aisle every now and then since I used to work at Superdrug I still like to see what has changed and what offers are on and if the brands have added anything new.

2011-06-11 17.43.28
2011-06-11 17.43.13

Somehow I actually managed to buy 2 products I never thought I would, im not a snob but I always felt like drug store products were "bad" and would do something crazy to me however Revlon was different I knew the mascaras were crap ages ago because I used to laugh at how pathetic they were but I read a review on where she reviewed the strawberry lipgloss and funnily enough I actually bought it without even remembering that I read that post!

2011-06-11 17.44.16

Anyhoo the idea of a bright lipgloss really pulled me in I don't really own anything bright mainly because I can't see my self wearing it everyday but this was subtle not a mad in your face red I have a red lip liner from MAC in "Redd" and I thought this would go amazingly with it.

2011-06-11 17.43.41
I really like the texture of Revlon colour burst its well pigmented but not too sticky, however the colour will look different from person to person, the lighter your natural lip colour the lighter the colour pigmented lips would give a red effect.

2011-06-11 17.46.30
2011-06-11 17.47.06
2011-06-11 17.46.55

I also wanted to get a nude one but they didn't have it :( so I decided to look at the Bourjois collection I had played with their lipglosses before I liked how thin it was since I would already be wearing a nude lipstick underneath I did not want that goopy look eww but I love the way it looks gives a nice shine and a pink tinge to the nude lipstick I am wearing Peachstock lipsrick by MAC and 3D gloss in 33 Bourjois.
2011-06-11 17.53.26
Here it looks abit on the brown side stupid lighting couldn't get it right! the other photos show its true colour phew!

2011-06-11 17.53.53
2011-06-11 17.54.05
Ok so the formula is more sheer so pigmented lips will feel it looks ashy or a little weird however it is the perfect type of consistency to layer over lipstick 

2011-06-11 17.54.25

2011-06-11 17.55.19
2011-06-11 17.55.43
2011-06-11 18.00.11
Perfect warm nude not too white and not too brown! very Kim K actually :)

Has anyone yet to try "drugstore" lip products yet?

Thursday, 2 June 2011

AOTD Accessory of the day :)

Summer is upon us and I will say so since today is soooo HOT! but I'm not complaining it makes me feel happy and energetic!

Ever since the sun has been shining I have been wearing this ensemble of jewelery I rarely if ever wear any in winter or June because I'm a coat or something :(

But these pieces reflect my mood so well they speak elegance, freshness and a little bit of glamour.I love mixing and matching my jewelry too its just looks more unique more personal I hate seeing the same jewelery on everyone it loses what accessory are supposed to represent.

 The Gold bracelet is a gold bracelet I got as a present from my grandma :).The green bracelet with hearts is a Lola rose bracelet that my mum got me I am not sure if its still available but they Lola Rose at Harrods.

The pink fabric bracelet is a gift that came with my Chanel perfume it was from a dear friend so I like to wear it too.
I also good out these earrings that I had for a while they aren't real though do you believe that they are from Next? I think they are so elegant but not overpowering and would nice with a soft updo :)

 ooooh sparkly......

Whats been your favourite pieces of jewelry?