Thursday, 28 July 2011

Bright lips for summer

So as we all know everyone is trying to wear the oh so trendy bright lip, I'm a bit of a fan if you get the right colours but I really dislike it when people with olive or yellow based tones like my self try to pull of purple or cool toned lips.

I really think its just so ugly so awful and I know there are no rules in makeup but to me its just makes these skin tones look theor worst and in some cases greenish!

Here I was playing with my YSL Rouge pur Couture which I got as a gift and stupidly forgot to blog about, I love the texture of them and the fnish I have tired other colours before I think the No.6 it was a beautiful nude colour that took me ages to et over lol but there is such a thing as too many lipsticks in my opinion so I left it.
2011-07-05 11.56.30
2011-07-05 11.56.12
Between these two I love the coral red one but im sorry to say I really dislike the pink colour it just looks silly on me and I feel like it would suit someone very pale and blond. It looks so tacky on me I refuse to wear it further so I decided to give it to one of my blond friends lol.
2011-07-05 11.57.02
2011-07-05 11.57.13
However I had more time to play with these so I took a few swatches to show you guys what they look like I am really impressed and they last a really long time I would love a scarlet red colour as I think it would fade very nicely.
2011-07-05 11.58.08
2011-07-05 11.58.29
 I love the packaging  the feeling on as they glide, I love the scent its not at all overpowering I can almost not sense it but I remember Christine from saying they had a Mango scent.

I really think you guys should give them a go you most definitely love them since there are a wide range of colours.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Discovering Victoria's Secret

Hey guys I know I have been soooo MIA but that's how life goes lol, I have been trying a few new things though and from you can tell by the title of this post its all about Victoria's Secret I actually really love their products and I don't mean clothing and lingerie I mean body lotions and body sprays etc.

I actually don't own anything from there but my cousin has loads and I have been staying over at her place a few times this these past two months and I have been using her stuff lol yay!

I just can't get enough of them especially the love spell stuff! OMG they are amazing I love the idea of fragranced lotions and body sprays I find they sometimes last longer than perfumes they also have a lighter fresher feel to them which I love for summer.

One of my favourite things to do is try to prolong my fragrance so by using a lotion followed by a body spray or shower gel before you get to keep your favourite smell for a long time. I know other brands like the Body shop have a similar approach but not in the same scale as Victoria's Secret I love the neroli jasmin collection but they don't come in big sizes like VS also the lotions smell a little "plasticky" and not that nice I would love to see a VS in Westfeild or Oxford street they would do really well here.

Has anyone else tried Victoria's Secret stuff yet?

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Right down my alley....

So I have been enjoying a few products some more recent and others a few months now I was a bit naughty this year and have been a little lazy when applying sun screen :( not that I like to tan I don't think it suits me very much the last time I tanned when I went fishing I looked ten years older but since my mum is a few shades darker than me I have a natural olive skin tone which I enhance with a few products which needs a post of its own.
2011-07-05 13.59.26
But I recently bought this sunscreen that is available from QVC and Waitrose I really love the texture of it I used to use my Alpha-H spf 30 but I felt like it was too thick especially to wear under makeup.
2011-07-05 14.00.03
I bought it for £19 from waitrose and I know its a bit pricey I feel like such an idiot because my mum told me that the day before I bought it QVC had a TSV "Today's Special Value" on it where you could get a bundle for £24 but I guess it wasn't meant to be :(

I would recommend this under makeup I apply it with a foundation brush to ensure I get a well covered matrix then I apply my foundation or nothing it just depends on what im doing that day.

One product I have been using for a few months is this amazing deodorant by L'occitan and the funny thing is that it belongs to my DAD lol

I know I know you guys must be thinking what! Well my mum got this for my dad to use but he never did, he tried it once but I guess it didn't do anything for him, but on me it was great! I was running out of my own Bodyshop deodorant and I saw this in my mums room so just took it and I have been using everyday since then, but I must tell you it does have a strong mens smell but I never wear short sleeves and I never ever smell it on me after I put my clothes on so its a winner!

2011-07-05 14.00.32

2011-07-05 14.00.49
Oh did I mention its Aluminium free and Alcohol free yay!
I also love this hand salve my Keihl's but not for my hands but for my KNEES yes my knees! I suffer from very dry and a little ashy knees and no matter what I tired NOTHING works and then one day I found this at the bottom of my draw and thought to my self "hey this might help" and OMG it left my knees amazing, I used it twice so far but due to me being so busy all the time it slips my mind to apply it but when I do its lasts all day and during the night doesn't slip off onto the sheets rather you feel it still on the next day!
2011-07-05 13.59.49

And finally one product that I really enjoy using, Garnier Alcohol free makeup remover, I love this more than the Bodyshop eye makeup remover since that stings if it gets into my eyes and it leaves a sticky residue on my skin eww.
2011-07-05 16.57.13
2011-07-05 16.57.27
I like because it removes every inch of makeup on my face in minutes no rubbing required but make sure you shake it before you use it otherwise you will only get the oil part of it which isn't very pleasant, but when mixed properly its refreshing and totally non sticky :)

Have you guys tried the products above leave your comments below x

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The perfect lipstick

What is really funny about me is that once upon a time I really despised lipsticks I hated the smell of them the feeling of it on me and god forbid it comes in contact with the internal parts of my mouth it would have been a catastrophe!
But I guess my love of makeup wasn't complete unless I had lip products it wasn't just lipsticks it was anything on my lips even lipgloss or lip balm and the I still till this day have to remove every aspect of the lip product I am wearing before I eat which is such a hassle because I always have to have some sort of baby wipes with me at all times.

However I can't deny that without a lip product your make-up is just not complete whether its a barely there colour or a bright in your face pink its the miracle product.

I know some people say that concealer is the most important cosmetic anyone should have but in some cases people just need the right lip colour.

So onto my latest lip love! THE ICONIC SHY GIRL lipstick!

Ok so some of you may be thinking what? Iconic....UM yh if you don't know "shy girl" lipstick you have been under a rock! Nearly everyone owns Shy girl its a lovely Pink peach combo with a creamsheen finish. What is  CREAMSHEEN???? well its a type of finish that MAC have, its described as a smooth creamy, and sheer finish that gives a slight muted gloss too.

Let the photos do the talking.....
2011-06-13 18.03.50
2011-06-13 18.00.32
2011-06-13 18.03.13
2011-06-13 17.57.35
2011-06-13 18.00.23
2011-07-13 19.31.52

I love this so much I use it every time I decide to wear a lip product, for me its the perfect nude, not too washed out and not too much colour.

BTW I actually got this by taking 6 empty containers to MAC and getting this for free I was initially going to get "Crosswires" from mac but then I remembered that I was wanting shy girl for a while.

I still tried on "Crosswires" though but on my pigmented lips this is how it looked on me.....way too much I think but never the less very pretty :)

Have you guys tried shy girl?