Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Accessory of the day AOTD

 The detailing on these is just amazing!

So I have been inspired by the summer and all the joy that comes with it, and its given me makeup ideas too, but what really is giving that summer feeling and a bit of glam are these cute Bow earings. I got them from Accessorize and they go with almost every outfit and even though I wear a headscarf, when people come over or I go to someone's house everbody loves them I don't know if they still have them instore but these little dainty babies are just so adorable.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

A new discovery...

About 2 years ago I bought these pumps from Rocket Dog at Next (btw I love next don't judge the brand by their shop) and I actually could not fit in them I am a size 6 UK and so are these but I wasn't sure if it was me or the shoes so I just stuffed them in my wardrobe and forgot about them.

Then one day when I was doing my BIG Spring Summer clear out and I found them again and decided to give them a try around the house since I only ever wear shoes that I am unsure about on carpet incase I give them away or sell them. Usually I don't go for these type of shoes because my style is more girly but these are so pretty  but with an edge. ( I love the cute gems, little deer and mushroom thingy)

So I walked around the house for about an hour as I though I would break into them further the result was some pain inmy big toe but I feel like they are too pretty to give away or sell I love them they are great for casual days without looking like your lazy with your clothes so I guess I will be keeping them :)

Has anybody else made a new discovery from their past?

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

NARS Orgasm Illuminator Vs MAC Strobe Liquid

I have been loving these 2 amazing products for a while now and they are staples in my everyday routine, to cheat my way to healthy looking skin, when it just doesn't look its best sometimes but these too are supposed to do the same type of thing but actually act very differently.

MAC's Strobe liquid is a pearly white lotion that goes on sheer and contains lilac tones with the ulta fine shimmer, and combined together they create a really beautiful natural glow, I get a lot of compliments and I love to add a little extra on my cheeks and cheek bones then I apply a blush on top and my favourite is Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre.

I dont actually apply this all over my face because it sometimes magnifies the blemishes if applied heavily :( but its not like a powder highlighter its less shimmer and NO GLITTER I will definately buy this again as I love the blush combo! It works every time. I would say it is good for all skin tonesand colours but does not feel sticky or greasy at all.

 on the left: Nars Orgasm, Right: MAC Strobe Liquid

Nars Orgasm blends in to the skin with less colour than strobe liquid
In sunlight Strobe liquid gives more luminosity compared to Orgasm

The Nars Illuminator is a little different it has a different colour its a mix of pinks peaches and gold its a nice mix of colours I love how it warms up my complexion but doesn't give a shine I usually mix it with my foundation and it gives a really natural looking glow especially since I am on the yellow side.

I don't find that this product emphasizes any blemishes or bumps so I would recommend it to anyone.

Overall as an Illuminator my favourite is MAC's Stobe liquid its suites my skin better and gives more light to my face I don't know if  I will be repurchising NARS Orgasm Illuminator but we shall see :)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Wishlist: perfumes Chanel and YSL

The new addition to my wishlist is the most favourable perfumes right now, one that has been an old favourite and the other I have seen now and then and sprayed a few times but havn't got to buying it yet, I love chanel chance because its smells expensive and makes me feel so glamorous and luxurious but thats probably becasuse of the price tag.

The other perfume is the YSL Parisienne which has a deep but also has a soft musky tint with a slight dash of Citrus to it. I like it because its not over powering, but what I love the most is how the scent of it changes over time and becomes sweeter.

I hope to get one if these soon but for now I'll just keep them in this list .


Monday, 14 June 2010

Accessory of the day AOTD

Since the sun is shining on us in lovely london I have been enjoying my bracelets I got this set from H&M and they arn't anything special but are so sweet and cute looking I wore them out today and they were so sparkly I love them!!! They go with almost everything I have and give that "I haven't done anything but I look glammed up".

I know its a quick post but I was in a rush I have been trying a new way to edit my videos lets hope they look good! till the next post bye !

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Products I regret buying :( (Not pretty Product)

I actually love these types of posts the most, they are also probably the most beneficial to me and people in general. When someone does a video or post I never hesitate to click on it I alwasys ( I mean come on who would give up the chance to save a few quid or maybe even more on beauty products).

So these products really disappointed me,although it was eintierly my fault and I urge people NOT TO BUY PRODUCTS YOU HAVE NOT READ ABOUT OR THOUGHT ABOUT BEFORE HAND. As 2 of these products would not be here today if I had read about it or at least researched it before because the chances are someone somewhere has tried them.

The first product on the list is the Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement I actually bought this when I bought my skin foundation, BUT I had not intended to buy this, the lady at the counter who matched me tried to shuffle some on me and she said "this will help reduce any pigmentation or dark ashy areas" so since I had a little of those I thought I would give it a go I payed £37!!! for  this and I used it for a month as it claimed that my problems would be reduced in that time. To be honest I didn't see a significant change and It left my skin feeling as though I had egg dried all over it.

The texture is very slimy it looks like saliva when ou squirt it out of the bottle and it was just so repulsive and I couldn't put on my makeup or other creams properly it would mix in to it and form a paste.

YSL French Manicure Pen Kit

I bought this thinking  it would give perfectly done french tips because it had the white pen, and I actually thought it would be like (tippex) I used to put that on my nails to do a french manicure I loved the idea of being able to pen it, but the reality was that it wasn't as good as I expected. The white pen's formulation was very weak and you needed multiple strokes which then made it messy :(

It was difficult to use and I just shoved it in the draw. The pink pen wasn't any better the brush wasn't flexible enough and the formulation was gloopy. How much I paid ? £32 What a WASTE!!

Salt Of The Earth

I wanted a Natural Deodorant to use on my under arms since I never use anti-persperants I had been using natural deodorants for a while most from Holland and Barrets but they discontinued all the ones I used and stupid me didn't have any backups. This was my only option and I thought since it's a salt its bound to work but it didn't. NO odor eliminated or neutralised at all it was useless salty water !

Has anynone tried these products?

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

MAC HAUL! Pret a papier

YAY! Its haul time again I loved this collection purely because it was a natural collection but with a spot of colour I loved the chromagraphic pencils which were something I always wanted because they so diverse.

However I was hoping tha packaging looked more like the promotional photos but hey wat you ganna do?

So I popped over to MAC and spoiled my self a little I rarely buy this much at one time but the collection really took me !

So here is a low down of what I got complete with Photos and swatches!

Nail Laquer: Originality and Brown Bag
Brown Bag
It deserves 2 Photos!!!!!!!
Chromagraphic Pencils: NC15/NW25 ,NC30/NC35
Lipsticks: Dressmaker Dressmaker, Made to Order
Dressmaker Dressmaker
Made to Order
It looks like its really light but on me it is very pigmented and I am NC30 and especially if you add in more purple AMAZING!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Pretty Product: L'occitane Ultra Rich Cream

So today I'm going to talk about one of my most loved Pretty Products and its a body cream, now these days we seem to forget or not bother about body creams and lotions especially since we wear clothes that sometimes stick to us or wipes off the cream we applied ( I don't know about you guys but it happens to me).

The usual body creams I used to go for were Body Shop Body Butters I actually went through a few and collected them because of the vast amount of variaty they had it was fun in way, but after a while I absolutely hated them, to me they were so overated and so useless I used to put it on and the next day wait for some amazing softness to occur but when I had a shower I could feel all of it coming off and it felt slimy, at that moment I was put off forever!

I then started using Vaseline and Dove and all those Drugstore brands but it Wasn't enough for me I wanted something better. So I discovered L'occitane (say Locsitan) and I initially started using their Lotions which where good very moisturising and absorbed quicly into my skin but when it finshed I wanted to try something different. Then came along the Ultra Rich cream and GUESS WHAT! I love it to bits!

WHY! Well because I suffer from dry elbows, knees, ankles and sometimes legs so I really wanted a rich thick cream that absorbed easily and did not leave an icky residue.

My thoughts:

Have my dry areas improved? YES
Does it absorb quickly into my skin? YES
Does it leave an icky residue the next day when I was my legs ? NO
Is it worth the price? YES for £25 you get 200ml PLUS it will last you ages!
Would I repurchase? YES
What is so good about this cream? It has 25% Shea Butter in it!!!!! and that is why it works so well this product has such a high percentage of one the most amazing moisturising natural products.

I use this cream every night before I go to bed, and If I feel like it I will put on in the morning but  to get the real benefits of this cream you should exfoliate everyday which I do, I use my St Ives body scrub and it just adds the cherry on top!

Leave you questions or reccomendations below  x

Houda :)

Monday, 7 June 2010

Wishlist: MAC Opulash

A lot of people have been talking about MAC's opulash and I'm thinking of getting it but im not sure yet, I havn't tried any MAC mascaras before but I'm eager to dip in to that range of products ........Hmmm maybe a haul will follow about this if I give in to temptation :)

Review: Lipocils By Talika eyelash conditioner

Hey everyone so I have decided to do a reivew on this product purely because it did give my lashes extreme length compared to my original length and the results did not take that long to show.

I purchased mine at space NK I think they are the only stores who stock Talika in the UK otherwise you can buy it online from other internet based retailers.

Anyway on with the product, I actually used this last summer for about 2 months Talika claim that if you use this for 30 days you will have significantly longer and softer lashes. The result was indeed true I had longer more curled lashes that normal and what really made me realise how much they changed was when I curled them and then applied mascara and boy did they look fake!!! in a good way ! My sister even asked me if I was wearing false lashes what a complement! 

The brush is a little rough on the lashes but would make a good brow brush :)

My overall verdict:

I did like the results but the fact that this product has so many parabens really freaks me out, and since
I used to really rub it in to my lashes for maximum affect I wish I hadn't. Now I know I wear mascara and makeup and most of them are full of parabens but this product I used to sleep with and wear before makeup and since its a gel it will absorb much faster into the skin compared to a mascara that barely touches the skin.

I Also stopped using it because I didn't want to get used to it too much and depend on it to have long lashes rather I would prefer to stick to a good old bit of mascara on and the odd natural looking lashes every now and then plus in the long term is better for me :)

Note: Unfortunately at the time of using this product I did not take before and after images of my lashes as I did not have this blog sorry :(

This product is priced at £20 at Space NK let me know if you have tried lipocils xxx