Monday, 21 February 2011

What have I been up too?

Its crunch time for me it gets hectic this time of year all the courseworks and revision gets worse too much to juggle I have just been drowning in it! I still am but I have neglected my blog for a while and I miss it after all it is my secrete getaway lol. As far as beauty life goes I have been using my

Bobbi Brown skin foundation
Urban Decay Naked Palette
Stereo Rose MSF/Joues contraste blush in Caprice (I think) very old now
Buxom Gel Liner (in Leather)
No mascara only rarely L'oreal Million lashes
Bobbi brown Creamy Concealer and corrector
Korres Pomegranate  lip balm

I also bought a lovely purse from Cath Kidston when it was on sale

 soooo lovely! 

My craving for Chocolate has been at its peak at the moment and I have been resulting to this


And since I have been studying so hard my mind steers towards making random things in terms of food and i remmebred how I wathed TV chef Giada make these stuffed olives fried in batter SERIOISLY THE BEST! but they only taste nice fresh I will look for the recipe but im sure if you google "Giada stuffed Olives" you can find it

we decided to do a few prawns too :) YUMM!

I recently have been loving this stunning nail polish by MAC its from the Pret a papier collection I really can't find the bottle to write the name since I changed it yesterday but I wrote about it here


I also found this in the post lol from Sky could they get any desperate?
haha WATCH E! 

And to finish off I had to show you these beautiful flowers I saw at Hilton towers in Mayfair my uncle came over so we went to visit him but this was the highlight of my evening :P

pretty! I know someone who would love these too you know who you are!

I hope to post a few more of my random photos of what I have been doing xx

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


As some of you May have realised I have been dry on blogging and its not due to be losing interest I'm just so busy I don't have the time to take photos of the things I use or like.

I do miss blogging though I love reading other peoples blogs I was inspired to a little update post like Sana and just mention a little about what I have been up to!

I am currently loving the Korres lip butter I got a few months ago I did a post on it before and I have to say it really does keep  my lips healthy and gives them a nice tint of healthiness to them too.

As far as my eating habits I have been pretty bad eating too many treats and not enough fruit and veg or water I don't know whats happening to me but I just seem to not like anything like that as much hopefully I'll get back to liking them again since my body reacts to eating bad food very quickly I notice my skin changing within 3 days when I drink more water.

I am an Arab and the current happenings in the middle east have allot of impact on me I m happy that Tunisia and Egypt are finally standing up to the oppression by their leaders and fighting for their rights may god be with them.

I haven't been buying anything much really but I have been enjoying all of what I have and rediscovering my makeup and skincare.

However in terms of skin care I have been OK exfoliating everyday has made a big difference in my skin I am contemplating whether or not I should get the Clarisonic I am tempted but the price tag keeps pulling me back and the fact that Space NK sell them doesn't help at all!

I have been enjoying looking after my feet I contracted a verruca from someones house DAMN IT but I have been following the instructions from my research and it seems to be going they are VERY PAINFULL! and it really annoys me because I have to take care not to touch it when I moisturise my feet.

I also recently started to wear minimal makeup and focus on making my skin look good rather than eyeshadow etc, using products like NARS Illuminator in the past I liked the MAC strobe cream but I find the strobe cream nice when I wear cooler scarfs they are both really good but if I feel really yellow and colourless I choose the NARS one.

For some reason I have developed a keenness to making guests to feel really comfortable at my home I feel like tings need to be perfect, I need to have specific things when people come over like the right appetisers, food and deserts some people may say its sad lol but I think its just my attention to detail growing. could it be  because I know one day I will be having my own guests and I want to be the hostess with the mostest? who knows but I think its fun and I love it when people make an effort when I come to their house and I have Friends who really do so why shouldn't I ?

Lastly on the note of hair removal I have to say that sugaring has been really good for me and I use it all the time now I used to find it annoying and tricky but will a little patience and determination you can get amazing results and its perfect I never use a razor EVER! and as a result I never get itchy under arms or legs that eventually get soar and irritated 

What has everyone else been up to?