Monday, 27 September 2010

In and Out

I have had the most hectic week!!!!!!! but its all calmed down now I moved rooms lol and repainted the room I share with my sister.

I moved upstairs due to lack of space between my uni stuff and her uni stuff :s so I decided to repaint my room and separate our bunk beds ,Yes I did say bunk beds I used to sleep on the top but for the last year slept upstairs but we have separated them to make it easier for me to climb lol I'm not 7 anymore! However it wasn't that easy since me and my sister accumulated so much paper work from our GCSE and A-levels and we never sorted it out we also had so many clothes and things we never used I didn't have much my self because I'm a fan of throwing things away or giving it away if I don't use it often but my sister tends to keep tings in case she needs it.

I told her that there would be no way she is keeping anything not important because she still has to think about all the stuff she uses and where to put it, so after all the tidying, sorting, pushing and heaving we finished and I will be posting a photo of our room soon to show my new makeup set up since the old one was just sooooo not working!

So in this post I will be mentioning some In's and Out's my first one! and im excited here we go!

Using my hands to apply foundation
Minimal makeup 
Berry coloured blush for fall
Chanel lipstick I still haven't posted it on it omg I'm so behind!
having an organised wardrobe
Sued shoes and boots
Leopard print
H&M Angel :)
Foundation brushes 
too much makeup at once 
skinny jeans
having a cold :(
stupid Oyster card renewal service online!

Monday, 20 September 2010

SBC Vitamine E gel

Ok, so I'm always on the hunt to find good creams lotions and all things skincare,  I usually find it hard to jump to another brand or try something new in case I break out, but one day I was watching QVC (my love) I happened to find  SBC on and I was interested since most of their products were gels in pumps.

I loved their minimal approach to the packaging to lower the price. I first layed my hands on them when my mum bought a set of different gels, Aloe Vera, propolis, arnica and collagen. I never got to try the other gels because my mum had given some as presents or was using them her self.

I used the Propolis and Arnica before and I  will do another review about them soon, but for now I will ramble about this amazing product.

I normally wouldn't actually tell people about this since I believe that a true beauty doesn't reveal her beauty secrets or go to potions but since I'm a beauty blogger I had to betray my self and talk about this much loved secret if mine.

So what is it?

Well its a moisturising gel that contains Vitamin E "A proactive skin smoothing moisturiser" it claims to be, and I have to say that I never in my life have I actually seen visible and texture change in the skin on my body like this before.

As some of you may be familiar with, some people tend to get these little tiny bumps on the back of there arms and tend to go a Little red, not a mad sight but not something  you want to have, I know nic from pixiewoo has them because she talked about it in one of their videos which I cannot remember oops!

So when I heard that this product is actually good for those areas and that its good for targeting bumpy skin I knew I had to grab it and try it out! I'm so glad I did because in just 3 days I realised and felt my skin had changed my sister even touched my arm and asked me "oh my how come they are so soft?" I was actually even more astonished since I didn't think anyone would realise, but to have touchably soft skin is amazing especially since there are so many products out there claiming to do so.

I have actually thought about quitting my Decleor and using this on my face instead, and since I suffer from lack heads I feel that if I use a water based gel it might help reduce  that and not clog up my pores ( I Don't know why but I feel like all creams have the tendency to clog up pores).

Nice little pump that doesn't let out too much :)


The feeling of this product is like no other I feel like it really sinks in to my skin and gives it the drink it needs LOL,  I also don't feel it come off the next day if I have a shower or wash my arms.

Final thoughts:

It does tend to have slight sticky feeling but its not noticeable and after about 5 min it feels velvety. I was a little worried it wouldn't be as moisturising as my loccitan or decleor but I used it on my nose and I loved it. My nose tends to get patch but greasy dont ask me how but it shows when I put foundation on at the sides and the bridge while the ball area of my nose is shining on! I know could it be more complex?! I did actually wake up to find my nose smooth, moist and not shining .

I will definitely repurchase this, I love the non greasy feel to it and I love how it doesn't annoy my foundation when I blend it in.

Availability :QVC I got the 125ml in set of different gels from here but I will be getting the 500ml for £19.50. The best thing is that if you get don't like it or your skin doesn't seem to agree with it you can send it back within 30 days.

Sorry for the long review but it was worth the time it took for a thorough explanation, if you guys have a question about this product or any SBC products then leave a comments below and  I will get to you as quick as I can :)

Friday, 17 September 2010


I am very happy to announce that I will be holding a contest for my lovely subbies! I have wanted to do it for ages but always thought that other videos or blog posts were more important  to do. I even filmed the giveaway ages ago so I really think the time is right to do one.

So what are the prizes ?

Well 3 mini bottles of Leighton Denny nail laquers!

I love his products they are the creamiest most smoothest polishes I ever used and thats why I chose to have them in my giveaway!

On with the photos!

They truely are amazing and I love them!!! from left to right: deep warm toned purple with micro shimmer, cool toned purple light shimmer, clear top coat.


  • You must be a subscriber on my channel here since this is for my subbies!
  • To enter you must leave a comment on the video telling me what your favourite summer nail polish was.
  • you may enter as mush times as you want but youtube might spam it so be careful.
  • you have 2 weeks from today Contest ends on ends on the 1st of  October 2010.
 I will be announcing the winner in my blog since its easier that way so come back in 2 weeks to see if you've won :)

Good luck!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

A little bodyshop never hurt anyone!

I've always loved the body shop most of their products really worked for me the most favourable product I ever bought was the tea tree nose peel off mask I loved it so much I got my Friends addicted to it too! Then somehow it became discontinued "GOD I HATE THAT WORD" so I was forever sad and hope to this day they bring it back :(

Anyway in my recent hauling I decided I needed a new deodorant I won't explain why since that needs its own different post. I have had it for a while and a review will follow but lets just say this works!

This deodorant is by far the best it smells lovely and I really love the lasting power on this

I also had to pick up some wipes since I desperately needed some so I got these :)
I also decided to pick up this mascara I have heard a few nice tings about it so I thought I would give it a go :)

So far so good Its runny but not watery, I will probably give it a review in a few weeks

And Finally I just want to review a shampoo I've been using for a couple of weeks now, it is meant for oily hair but it seems to be fine for me I tend to get oily roots when I don't wash my hair for about 5 days. My sister had oily hair and so does my mum and they both love it. I love the smell it has, it feels like I'm having a shower in the forest clean leafy smells and a hint of cucumber it really leaves my hair fresh.

This shampoo also scores big points for me because of the paraben, silica sulphates and colouring free ingredients and since the sulphates have been removed I was expecting it to not lather nicely but it really does and removes all the oil and icky feeling you get. The best part is that I don't smell the shampoo frying on my hair when I heat style it !

Has anyone tried any of these products, how do you guys feel about paraben and sulphate free shampoo?

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

loving drugstore eyeshadows :)

I have to say, I rarely buy any drugstore eyeshadows mainly because they tend to be cheap, bad quality, and not pigmented.

But I was browsing through boots and these lovelies were on offer and I had seen them before and often contemplated buying them and I finally gave in.


I picked up 2 maybeline eyeshadow palettes and an eco tools angled eyeliner brush

I really like this brush its stiff enough but not also offers some flexibility which I love for creating cat eyes. I actually bought this because I lost my GOSH angled eye liner brush, thankfully I prefer this to the GOSH brush, its better quality and more stirdy.

As for the eyeshadows I have recently been enjoying eyeshadows other than MAC I sometimes find that their eyeshadows are a little over rated since one of my palettes has virtually no pigmentation
I feel like I threw  £30 in the bin :(

However there is one range of MAC eyeshadows that I adore and they are the (velux pearl) the sheen and shine they give is immaculate and if all the MAC eyeshadows were like this I would have them all. Sadly that isn't the case but I found a new love and maybe a substitution for the following 2 palettes :)

The Silky glam palette is my favourite! the colours are so pigmented and feel buttery and soft they are a little sheer but only slightly and is buildable. the colours can be described  from left to right as (light ice gold with glitter, pale yellow gold, rose bronze colour, and a cranberry brown my fave!.

The diamond glow palette is nice too, the colour combo is something I had been doing for a while before I got this so I really like the pink and grey.

Colour description  left to right: icey white, light baby pink, silver, gun metal.

All the eyeshadows have a shimmer sheen to them non are matt phew!

My overall verdict:

Ok, so for drugstore eyeshadows they are pretty good the Diamond Glow palette is a little on the lighter side and a bit chalky never the less I still love them and I have them in my bag most of the time since these days I never know when I'll be invited to go somewhere and don't want to lug around eyeshadows in my bag.

heres a look I did with it

taken with my phone so colours are a little washed out :(

One little thing to add about the dark berry Brown colour in the bronzy palette. I tried to see how close it was to one of my Bodyshop shimmer cubes, but its actually not the same the maybeline has a pinker undertone.

Has anyone tried these palettes if so, leave a comments below stating which one :)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

weekly likings :)

OK so this week I found this lipgloss in my stash underneath everything else I used at a wedding and  forgot all about it, and since its ramadan I've been laying off the lip products since you are not supposed to wear anything in case you lick it :( I generally don't mind that because I can apply lip balm after I break my fast.

The lipsgloss I found was the Buxom lip polish by Bare Minerals I love this brand! their products never seem to disappoint me and I always go for my mineral foundation and my favourite eyeshadow is "Guilded taupe" which I will talk bout soon in a post about their eyeshadows REMIND ME! please :)

I grabbed  this because I was going out for iftar and I thought I would take a lipgloss with me to put on after.

Its a lip plumping gloss and has a coral colour to it, its not opaque has suttle shimmer but no real glitter just a really nice glisten to the lips I would definitely say it goes well on top of a nude lip and would be a perfect KimK pout!

It contains 100% pure minerals and smells really nice like toffee it makes you wanna lick it but I hate that habit so I don't do it :/

The website like to show it as this colour but it is so misleading the image shows it to be a medium brown but it really isn't!

Here are some swatches of the product I really love it and I rarely wear Lipgloss due to the stickyness or smell that some of them have.

There is only one thing I dislike about this product and its the plumping action I really cannot stand the plumping agent in this it actually feels like its burning my lips I cannot wear it on its own and I always have to wear lipstick underneath it otherwise it stings :(

I don't know why its so strong maybe because its natural but its a real turn off, and since then I have been trying hard to look for a good non sticky and stinky dupe but no success yet.

I haven't tried the other buxom lip range but I might do so because I just love how this makes my lips look!

Does anyone have a good dupe or a nice coral lipgloss that would be the same?

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Hijab

I have been wanting to write about this for ages now this topic is very close to my heart and I felt that during this blessed month I should dedicate at least one post about it.

I love writing about makeup, fashion and all things beauty, but this is important to me and I thought I would shed some light on it in the hope to educate and help the people who want to know more.

I am not one of those people who judge another based on their Islamic practice, because that is a personal issue between them and god so it is not my place to say they are good or bad Muslims.

All I can do is show them what is right and what is expected I have had many friends who didn't know what they were doing was wrong but I had my own ways to show them without being bossy or "miss know it all".

One example of what I hate is when people such as Friends or family members be all high and mighty and see you sitting down or watching TV say " OH Why don't you go and pray?" Ok firstly how does that encourage the person to pray they are only going to feel annoyed and not feel motivated to pray and hence distorting their intentions especially when they bang on about it.

The best way to do such a thing would be to get the prayer mat for them and leave it out, or ask them if they want to pray with you.

Coming back to the topic of Hijab I recently stumbled across this video on YT where this well known actress talks about her experience with the hijab and what made her wear it.

I often get asked why I decided to wear and the most common question I get is "did your dad make you wear it?".

I then think to my self "what are you talkning about? Of course my dad told me to wear it" and I get the look of ohh so your forced to wear it then, but that's not the case.

I always give the doctor patient analogy, you see when you go to the doctor seeking medical help he often knows best since he has studied for years and years and knows what hes talking about, for example if you had an infection you would take anti-biotics wouldn't you ? Or would just ignore what the doctor ordered and hope to god you don't die?

Well you see its the same with my dad, when I was growing up my dad did tell me that I should cover my hair and not wear tight clothes and all that jazz ,because that is a dad thing to teach and educate their children, but he also used to explain to me why I must do so, he wanted me to understand why and keep it up. He also wanted me to actually be content with wearing it so I get the rewards inshallah.

He explained to me that in surat a'noor it states that:

And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty;that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what(must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husband’s fathers, their sons…”
(Al-Quran 24:31)

Here is where most people get confused they always ask where in the quraan does it say women must cover their hair " its not clear" they say, but in arabic the veil in the quraan is called a "Khimar" and it comes from the word "Khamr" and Khamr  is what alcohol is called as it translates to "to affect the mind" which is in the head so that is why the the hijab is referred to as the "Khimar" which leads me to say that indeed it is prescribed for muslim women to wear the hijab on their head.

I would also like to mention that when the actress "hanan turk" explained why she started researching if she must cover her hair and body she told the presenter " I felt like I was doing all the right things, praying fasting and giving charity, and when I used to ask allah for forgiveness I used to call him habibi ( my love) ".

She initially wanted to look and find ways or documents that said you didn't need to wear the hijab because she could not bring ger self to do it she said she wasn't strong enough, but when she asked her sheikh and he explianed to her oll the reasons and why she explained to the presenter that if she really loved allah as she said she did she would do as he says and please him properly.

So ladies here an insight as to why a Muslim woman must wear hijab I hope you found this beneficial and may allah grant us heaven inshallah in this blessed month.

The interview can be found here if you want to see it but its in Arabic so non- Arabic speakers won't understand it.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Jewelery organising

I am a big fan of fashion jewelery I love how it goes with any outfit and you can keep on trend without breaking the bank. I do love the ocassional gold and silver but this is more of my go too stuff. I like to keep it out and see what I have and grab anything before I go to uni.
As you can see due to months of neglect it has become a pile of blinging mess and I couldn't stand it anymore so I decided to start over!

Whats I'm using is a jewelery stand from Accessorize I love the design it has that romantic femenine edge, it costs about about £18 I think they don't sell this one online although some shops may have them. click here to see the current version which is so much prettier.

Detailing is very pretty I love the base of it.
After I striped it all off I colour coded the little bits and pieces to make it easier to choose, and since it took me ages to see what I had it was kinda defeating the purpose, but I love how it looks now my dad says it looks like I have a jewelery shop, but it gives my table a nice look.

It looks lovely now :) all sorted and organised :)

and I bet you guys are wondering what my favourite pieces are, well these are ones I reach for the most
 This gold cuff is from Accessorize I got it last year and I'm in love with it I always wear this it goes with almost everything, I especially love that its a pale gold and not a yellow gold.

I love this bracelet mainly because I made it out of my friends ribbon that she had on the sweet boxes at her wedding, it has sentiment but also the gold and coral go so well :)

The last little piece I will show you is these little rose earrings they are just the cutest most adorable earrings, they add that extra touch to an outfit and especially when people come over and I don't know what to wear I I just pop these on and it looks perfect

What are your favourite pieces of jewelery to wear? leave them in the comments below.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

style inspiration and copycat

I love Kim Kardashian's style its feminine, sexy and on trend shes safe with her clothes in the sense that she dresses to her body shape very well, although she is lucky because she has a teeny tiny waist  and a flat stomach, the envy of all women.

I try to incorporate my looks and styles like her because I think it works for me, even with her makeup we have the same skin tone so I feel I can pull of her looks.

One look that blew me away was the dress she wore by Herve Leger to Lala Vasquez's wedding and I just thought to my self "I have to know how to do this" and since I had a wedding to go to I really wanted to look my best, I didn't exactly wear what I am going to show you because of the time I had but I opted for this style, and if your interested here is how to can wear it too.

the dress :

This dress is from topshop the colour is cream, its tight and form fitting like her dress but has a little ruching.

she wore the gorgeous shoes by Christian Louboutin which cost alllooot!

you could settle for the babies! they are amazing but if you want to step it up a little you could get the Kurt Geiger ones

the cream or nude heel is in and it goes with anything

The style of earrings she chose was big, glamorous, full on and amazing I liked the way she used such big earrings and then didn't need to wear a necklace its adds that done up look without wearing too much jewelery for a wedding. above: New look, below: Accessorize

So here is are a few ways to try and adapt Kim's look without paying the price tag its simple easy to find and looks stunning.

As for makeup, well we all know how to do her makeup so many tutorials out there including mine so you have no problem trying to do her smokey eye.

P.S let me know in the comments for you like these types of posts x.

Good luck 

Friday, 3 September 2010

Canada haul

Don't you just love it when you get makeup from another country?

I do, and when I found out that my cousins from Canada were coming to London I was over joyed! Maybe a little sad, since I was more excited about what to get rather than them coming but can you blame a makeup addict?

I had little to no time to think about what I wanted from there I mean come on!! Canada is as good as America! they have a sephora there so I grabbed my chance, but due to them having limited time to shop for me as they did so kindly I only managed to get 3 items.

The first was a product I really wanted since I am a liquid/gel liner addict I wanted to try the buxom lash liner in "leatherette", I first heard about it on MakeupByTiffanyD's channel and I knew I had to have it.

I have to say I love this product It claims to condition, lengthen and volumize your lashes if you use it everyday but since I haven't had the chance to wear it everyday "I mean every single day" I don't know whether it reached its full potential.

I did see that my lashes were softer and maybe a little thicker but it may take longer to see more dramatic results.

So what do I think of it?
  • Very smooth and soft application feels lovely to use and leaves a nice glossy finish.
  • Non Drying like other eyeliners that you may use.
  • I did feel that it smudges easily I wouldn't say that it stays put all day, after a few hours it runs a little and you have to touch it up.
  • I'm still glad I got it I don't mind touching up my makeup especially if I am going to the ladies during the day, I'll just take it with me if it looks a little faded.
  • I love how it contains beneficial products and its natural since I use black liner everyday.
Would I purchase again yes, I would actually even if it runs purely because of the ingredients.

"This mineral-rich, paraben-free, whipped gel formula glides on like a liquid liner and dries to a long-wearing smudge proof eyeliner. The formula is made with natural ingredients, including vitamins A, C, and E; Honeysuckle; Jojoba Oil; Soy Protein; Tourmaline; and Biotin (vitamin B), which support healthy lashes"

Fluidline by MAC lasts longer but lashliner applies easier and you can make better cat eyes with it

The next product I lusted over was the Stila smudgepot in kittnen. I actually thought this was going to be a cream eyeshadow but its actually an eyeliner!
It looks lovely on the skin especially under pearly eye shadows it gives a nice silk look to the lids which I love!
Kinda reminds me of barestudy paintpot but longer lasting

Lastly I got some mineral veil, which was actually the wrong one, but I can't blame them for trying. I asked for the specific well dressed under the eyes mineral veil but I got the ordinary one, which I don't mind since I already use it.

Has anyone tried these products out?