Friday, 30 April 2010

spring summer fragrances : Moringa shower gel

Ok so we know its spring and summer is getting here slowly and since we don't get much sun around here I would like to think I could buy it in a bottle, and thats what I found when I bought Bodyshop Moringa shower gel ,sunshine in a bottle!

The smell is so lovely and refreshing but also sweet without making you feel sick (like Miss Dior cherie) and the light yellow tint the gel has just adds that extra summer feel to it.

I can't help but feel that I am using a very expensive product and I think it is down to the actual scent of the Moringa flower it has a very high end product smell slightly perfumish, and although this brand is usually considerd a bit of a luxury for £6.00 its a good treat but without breaking the bank and still experience a little extravagance.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Accessory of the day AOTD

Im so in love with florals these days I've been adding flowers to everything lately,  like on my hair, bags and I found this piece of jewlery to be perfect on days when I just dont want to be too flowery, if that makes sense.

I got this from accesorize and I just adore how cute and delicate it looks and sits elegently on my wrist and not only does it have flowers on it but little patterns and gems too.

Enjoy xxx


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Oh look its a makeup and clothing haul !

yes yes I have been quiet for a few days buts that becasue I had a little retail therapy to ease the pressure off due to my hectic exam/revision madness.

I went to a few places Wallis, Boots, H&M, Next (I love Next), Primark (Its got good stuff there!) and Superdrug.  :)

Since the spring summer season is starting I felt the need to get a maxi dress which is essential for the summer you look all glam and pretty but you don't have to wear much and for me thats a good thing. I also wanted some black or brown sandles that I would be able to wear with anything, however I managed to pop in a few other tiems too along the way :)

We shal start with makeup stuff becasue I think clothes are more of a personal prefrence than makeup so if your not into fashion then you can just stop reading when all the makeup stuff is over so without further ado...

Ever dreamed of having that really cool brush that Michelle Phan uses in
her videos ( you know the essence of beauty one!) well now is
your chance

17 Lashes (£1.50)!
Girls with attitude lashes (weird neon thing goin on but I'll sort it out)

Barry M 92 Dazzle Dust (Aqua Gold)
Barry M nail polish Pale pink
 Bodyshop slanted Brush

Bodyshop Aloe Lip treatment

Ok so the makeup stuff is out of the way on with the clothes!

Next sandals 

Loose blouse from Primark
 Cream Cardigan Primark

and the best....
A maxi Dress!
H&M dress
beautiful ruffle top

Maxi dress from Wallis!

And there you have it a long long haul I hope you enjoyed it let me know in the comments below if you like me doing clothing hauls 

Houda x

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Burberry to launch make-up line

Yesterday it was announced that the british fashion powerhouse Burberry, will be launching their very own make-up line in July that will consist of 96 peices of make-up ranging from liquid foundation, Blush, Lip Gloss and eyeliner. 

The theme of the make-up line will feature inspiration form the Iconic tench coat  that Burberry carries to reflect the everyday wearable look of the brand. The inside packaging will carry the traditional check pattern to complete the design.

Chief creative director of Burberry Chrisropher Bailey, explained to that  “It all started because I felt that, at shows and the shoots, the whole [Burberry] attitude is epitomised through the shoes, the bags, the clothes, the accessories, but then the face was the one thing I really struggled with. When we were doing make-up, I felt like we weren’t able to get the right attitude. It was either caked-on make-up or then just the wrong colours, the wrong tones, the wrong spirit for make-up. I wanted it to be this kind of effortless elegance”.

He also assured that these products would remain  permenant as part of the collection but other products will be added when needed.

“When we feel it needs a new pop of something, we will start adding things and that will all flow with fashion, as well,” Bailey confirmed.

The new make-up line will be exclusively launched at Harrods and at 29 other locations worldwide. 

There is no doubt that this make-up will have a luxury classical feel to it much like chanel and probably drive thousands of women mad to get their hands on these, but lets hope that the quality and value of this line will live up to it's fellow high end rivals.

Houda x

Thursday, 22 April 2010

spring summer nails: OPI Done out in deco

So I know this polish came out last year for the OPI south beach collection but I think this colour will go well with this season because it  fits in nicely with the pastel family and  from what I've seen looking at other brands such as chanel its all about the pastels for them.

I just love how this looks on my nails so shiny and creamy it's almost perfect for my skin tone and any other I would think. 

Houda x

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Spring Summer Fragrance: D&G L'imperatrice

Spring is here and summer will be joining us soon and these days I just love fresh, light fragrances that lift my mood and make me feel like spring looks bright warm and lovely, so when I discoverd this beautifully fresh perfume I knew I had to get it and it took me some time to actually get my hands on it due to lack of social time or any time, but when I did I was so happy I waited because I valued it so much more .To me it smells like fresh clothes that have just been washed and flowers without the rose smell which I don't actually like and sometimes it smells like sweet grapefruit if that ever exists all mixed together, and I love it so much I use it all the time even on cold and grey days to cheer me up, I got mine from harrods because I happend to be in that area that day but I also saw it in Boots. For a 100ml bottle I paid £35 but bare in mind its an eau de toilette but it lasts long on me so I love it.

Houda x

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Pretty Product: St Ives Apricot body scrub


This is in my pretty products list because it's probably been the only body skin care item that I have been re-purchasing so many times I've lost count of how many tubs I've owned, and also because I have a back up of it in my bathroom lol.

The reason being  due to the amazing good value for money and the quality of this product. I could start off  by saying that the texture is very conditioning but at the same time the exfoliants contained are really good but  don't feel scratchy on the skin.

It's made of natural exfoliants and leaves my skin so soft and smooth, I usually so a test on my skin to see whether it has actually cleaned off the dead skin and other horrible things that build up on the upper layer of the skin's surface, and what I do is to scratch my skin while it's wet and if I get a residue or build up of (stuff) shall I say then I know the product is not working or living up to it's claims.

However when I do this test after using my lovely scrub I get no residue at all or anything peeling off so I'm absolutely sure of my skin being clean and radiant, because I can actually see the difference afterwards, my arms and legs seem to have a glow of their own and I have less in grown hairs urgh! how I hate them and  whats is better is that lotions that I use also absorb quicker in to my skin and I spend less time rubbing then in.

But the best part of this product is how long it lasts for and how much it is compared to the amount of product you get. For a 300ml tub of this apricot body scrub you pay the RRP of £4.99 at any Boots or Superdrug but I normally wait for the offers and buy 2 each for £3.49 at superdrug so you save even more. 

I have tried endless exfoliating products because I think it is really important to exfoliate your body aswell as your face to keep it healthy and renewed. 

Products such as philosophy Margarita salt scrub really worked for me but come with a slightly big price tag and even though I really loved it the price was a bit much for a student in the middle of a recovering reccession, so when I discovered this scrub I was so happy I kept buying 2 each time and made my mum use it too and I use it about 2 times a week,.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and that you try this product too because it is well worth the money.

Houda x

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Accessory of the day AOTD

Hey everyone, so today I went to a club meeting where familes can come and have brunch together and traditional lebanease breakfast is served with tea and coffee. My makeup and outfit were both simple since it was for brunch but I jazzed it up for the lovely summer mood with these 2 bracelets that I got from accessorize and I love these 2 the most because they are the most elegent peices of jewlery I got from there and I bought them seperately but wear them together and they just look so perfect that way :)

Houda x

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Eye of the Day :) EOTD

I felt really summery today even though it's still spring and we rarely get summer here in london, although our past summers have been really hot so im hopefull, anyway I was pondering across my make up and first decided I would wear a light taupe colour on my lids and some liner but then I got a little carried away and started adding some brown and smoking it up a little, and then I found my self grabing for my MAC eyeshadow in woodwinked and thought to my self
"I've had created the ultimate arabian evening out look" but one that can also be worn in the day and I love it so much I will definately do a tutorial on it when my exams finish.

Heres a few pics for a taster!

  This is how it looked in the morning light :)

and then at night with a slightly sleepy eye lol

and there you go x

Love Houda


Thursday, 15 April 2010

OPI Russian Navy nail polish

 Ok so I know it's spring and it's all about corals and pastels but I just got my hands on this nail polish and the colour is just irrisistible, a beautiful deep navy blue with hints of suttle purple running through it gives a shiny finish with a likable sheen NOT METALLIC ugh! how I hate the metallic nail! But above all you can hardly tell it has purple in it unless you really look closely it's like a hidden secret lol, and the best bit is that its a lovely colour for any skin tone :)

Houda x

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

MAC Liberty of London Haul and Swatches

So Mac have teamed up with Liberty of London to create a beautiful collection this spring it's all about florals and little birdies, so as I checked it out on the website I saw it was my opportunity to venture into the world of lipsticks. I had always had a passion for makeup in general but always steered clear of lipsticks and it was because I hated how they felt on my lips and how most lipsticks wouldn't come off easily with baby wipes or makeup remover, that is untill I began researching and playing with MAC lipsticks that I thought these colours are so beautiful and they would suit me so I'll give it a go.

The attractive thing about MAC lipsticks was how many different textures they had, like how eyeshadows were divided into satin, velux pearl and matte lipsticks had their own classifications to suit everyone like Creamsheen and Amplified cream or even Lustre.

So I headed down to Selfridges MAC counter and looked for the collection, and knowing me I had already decided which one I wanted ( Blooming lovely) so I asked the MAC lady if I get could get that one, and the funny thing is I completely forgot about the other ones in the collection and rushed out because I had to go Uni.

Then when I got home I was so excited I wanted to see what other people had said about Bloomng Lovely and realised how I stupidly forgot to get the toher 2 lipsticks becasue how pretty they were when people swatched them and I  was like "aaah why didn't I get those too?" so the next day I ran back to selfridges with the lipsticks in mind and quickly swatched it on my lips ( obviously I wiped the top and used a cute little lip brush) to get the approval lol and went to the MAC counter so quickly I nearly forgot to put the lipsticks back after I showed them to the MAC lady ( NOTE: the reason I was rushing was due to the fact that I had to go and buy meat for my mum :)  )

Anyway enough rambling for now here are the swatches and pic 


From left to right: Blooming Lovely, Ever Hip, Peachstock


Blooming Lovely (Amplified Cream)

Ever Hip (looks pink on me) creamsheen


Peachstock (perfect Nude) satin

 Peachstock/Blooming Lovely/Ever Hip