Monday, 11 April 2011

Philosophy: The present "Clear make-up"

Its raining right now and im actually enjoying it, I wish I cud go out and wear my wedge boots from Aldo, I really love them the perfect shoe to wear in the rain.

However today is not about my shoes its about a product that I never thought I would use, this post is about a product that is pretty good as you can see from the title of this post its from philosophy. I got this as part of a package my mum had got from QVC but she gave me this because I wear make-up more than her and thought I would benefit from it.

I actually didn't know what it was for it claimed to be clear make-up but it really means is that it minimises the effect of pores and smooths out the texture. and can be worn after your moisturiser and before your make-up.

Obviously to me it sounds like a face primer, I do remember seeing the make-up artist using it on a model on QVC and saying it can be worn alone which it states on the tube.

On its own its pretty good you could almost say it mattifies the skin and as a result looks more even, I don't feel it to be drying though  which is good because as soon as anything makes my skin feel dry I hate it FULL STOP.  

Under foundation its really is good my foundation lasted all day but slightly took away from the dewiness of my foundation which I didn't mind too much but I don't set my face with any powder so it was OK.

My overall thoughts

The texture of this product is very nice it is so smooth to apply, and you can tell its formed a matrix around your face and will hold the foundation well, I did also find that my foundation went a long way when I applied it so that is a definite plus. 

I like this as a primer but I don't really suffer from open pores that much to use on its own but if I know I will be out all day and especially in the current heat then I definitely use it, and I can be assured that  my make-up inst moving around and my face isn't patchy.