Tuesday, 27 December 2011

L'occitan Shea Butter in "Apricote flower"

I love anything with shea butter in it out of everything I use on my elephant dry skin it seems to be the only thing strong enough to keep my skin hydrated for a few days per application. I also once read that applying artifila creams and lotions can make your skin even more dry than it is so I was happy to see that a few months ago QVC decided to have little TSV on their Apricot Flower Shea Butter collection :)

I have always read the shea butter is the way to go for soft smoth and moisturies skin, I tried many creams and "body butters" but they never seemed to have a lasting effect on where I put it on my body.

And I have to say I really think I will be repurchasing their products but only in a multiple piece set like I got from QVC

The star of the show is the %95 Shea butter tin that is probably the only thing that will keep my knees looking normal is this! I have been putting it on day and night but in the last few weeks I haven't been using it because I have been going through LAZY skin care phase and I am yearning to use it to revive my knees especially since I fell and skid on my knee last month :(.

I also adore the Shea butter shower gel its amazing smell and feel is luxury at home, this is the only product along with the hand cream that doesn't smell of apricot flower.Although I wish the shower gel did smell like apricot though I really love it when the whole range smells the same and not just the lotion or the body butter.

The best way to describe the apricot flower smell is that it smells like apricot sweets would smell like fresh and sweet!

Has anyone else tried any of the apricot flower range from L'Occitane ?

P.S heres a few pics of the scones I made :)

Monday, 26 December 2011

Lusting over.........raqm 2

Ok so for my second edition of lusting over (raqm) is number in arabic lol thought id add it hehe...

Anyway yes, so for number 2 it had to be 2 gorgeous pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes I went for a more understated look I personally think the red soles will always have the starring role, over crowding them with glitter and what not would just end up being too much these caught my eye the simplicity makes them more attractive you could wear both pairs anywhere..

P.S for those who CAN buy them here are the links Shoe1 Shoe 2

What have you guys been lusting over did anyone get anything new from Boxing day sales?

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Nail of the Day NOTD

Hi dolls!
 Lol I never say that ha! but I kinda like it very kim k hehe..
Anyway along with the post I have been really leaning towards summer shades lately I don't know why I guess it makes me feel less bothered about the cold and lightens my mood a bit I also lost this nail polish a few months ago and could not find it at all so I decided to wear it a few days ago and took photo for you guys!

Leighton Denny in "Just Perfect" 
What do you guys think? pretty isn't it just really brightens up my day :)