Thursday, 23 December 2010

Elimis Lovin...

Hello lovelies I have been really overwhelmed with the revision and work I have to do due to my tests in January therefore no going out but staying at home looking at books and questions and calculations! However that does not stop me from getting what I need lol and one great place to go is QVC. I know its very tempting to go mad and buy everything especially the TSV "Today's Special Value" and your hooked but I have to say I do have some control I don't really buy something unless I need it but Elemis is such an expensive and luxurious brand I would be stupid not to get it.

I Was also tempted by the Elemis Melting Cleanser Gel, new and exclusive to QVC before the Elemis salons get it, plus it removes makeup so I'm hoping to love this as much as I love my Alpha-H Triple action cleanser.

On to the goodies!

Pro collagen marine cream, Skin Nourishing body lotion, Melting cleanser gel, Exotic Frangipani Monoi Bath and shower cream, Frangipani Monoi moisture melt.and a medium silver bag to put it all in!


I have been having problems with my skin I suffer from blackheads and the occasional breakout at that time of the month I feel like I have a combination sort of skin but more on the direr side since the only place that gets oily is my nose and the sides of my nose on my cheek area. 

I want to try these in the near future after I finish all the products I am currently using and I will what happens I Will be posting a blog post about my current skin care and what I will be changing.

I am excited about trying the Melting cleanser gel mainly because I want to see if it beats my top favourite makeup remover Alpha-H Triple action cleanser it doesn't foam or dry out my face I don't breakout like I used to when I was using the Kiehl's Yerba Mate Tea facial wash which really stripped my skin.

Have you guys tried any Elemis products?

Monday, 20 December 2010

Sugaring Hair removal

Hey Lovelies!

I recently repurchased a product that I use over and over again it can be home made but for £1 its really helps me and it's 100% natural YAY!

I actually bought it from a Grocer in edgeware road that's where you will normally find it you may find it in some asian shops too but they are more fond of threading than sugaring. Most women if not all in the middle east use this method of hair removal and young girls are trained to be all beauty efficient and learn to sugar every part of their body, they rarely or never use a razor.

What I love about it:

Other than being all natural, I love that i can use as much as I want or as little to use on every part of my body whether it is a leg or an upper lip or even the sides of the face.

You won't get burned with this like waxing and this actually works best at room temperature so is perfect and wont irritate.

If it gets too warm and doesn't snatch anymore you can just pull it away fast and sharp and it will gather.

One piece goes a long way and you can keep re-using it until it gets full of hair,

Removes dry skin as well as hair and you can see it your skin becomes more radiant!

If you ever get your self stuck in a rut and your sugaring an awkward position like underarms then you can just pop in the shower and wash it off with warm water and start over this is not possible with waxing since the wax needs to be removed with oil.

They come double sealed so they dont leak everywhere
How it works:

The way to remove the hair is to get a sample of it on your hand and warm it up in your palm once it becomes flexible you can start applying it on your skin and smooth down in direction of hair growth then with a fast and sharp pull just like waxing remove the piece of sugar and start over.

oooh caramel!
I really love using this and my grandma usually makes it for me. I need to learn how to make it from her incase I run out one day and have an emergency wedding or something!

Has anyone tried sugaring before?

Friday, 17 December 2010

A polished love!

GUESS What I found!

I have been searching high and low for a good dupe of Chanel particuliere and I know peopla will say oh well you can get it off ebay but even though I wanted it that badly I wasnt prepared to beg for it and pay P&P for it.

I thought to my self why hasn't a single british drugstore cosmetics brand made a colour similar like OPI and other american brands why haven't these companies been clever and actually made a popular colour.

I was thinking this until 2 days ago when I poped into superdrug for a little browsing and I saw a new makeup stand that looked all nice and colourful and the banner read "Accesorize" I had heard some where before that they were coming out with a makeup line. I looked at the nail section and there infront of me was that famous colour appropiately called "Truffle"
In real life it has a brown tint to it just like the Chanel one 

The texture is very thin so you need 2 to 3 coats to get a good colour on but I dont mind because that means I can layer thin coats and keep it for longer without getting imprints

Here is a link for a swatch of Chanel particulier so you can see just how similar it is

Cost: £5
If your taupe mad like me then go out and get yours!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A lipsmacking haul!

Yes as the title suggets its all about lips I hauled a few goodies that have become my loves !

Bare Minerals is really one of the top makeup brands for me I don't feel guilty using them I have developed a worry about what I put on my face and often feel like I should be looking to use the more natural based products or products without parabens.

So trying out their lipglosses was a must for me both my sister and I love them and they smell like toffee, they have some stickyness to them but its bot overly sticky to the extent where you get that string effect.

Here they are in flash

 2 Bare Minerals Lipglosses and a lovely lipliner from MAC

CupCake and FruitCocktail
CupCake and FruitCocktail

swatches with flash C and F

 Since my lips are so pigmented the pink one "fruit cocktail" looks really deep and bright on me and the other more peachy one"cupcake" looks like my lips but better wuth a little tint of colour, on lighter lips the colours are more true 

 The glosses have a little stick to them but no stringing effect and the shine lasts about 3 to 4  hours, I feel like they smell similar to mac with a littl vanilla toffee scent but its not over powering, What makes me happy is that they are 100% natural and are not damaging to the skin.

MAC Lipliner in REDD "bright orange based red or a true red"
The next thing I picked up was a MAC lipliner I wanted to wear a red lip to a girly gathering and I wanted to have that 50's look but I felt like its would be a waste to buy a whole lipstick since I rarely wear it.

Have you guys tried any of these products before?

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

wishlist: High Fashion faves and Chanel dreams

I was browsing today for a new purse since mine is bulging due to the amount of cards and stuff I carry around and somehow I always seem to have lots and lots of pennies but lately I have been taking the time to look for the change when I pay for something and not care if I'm hogging the Que :)

So I came across these desirable items from Miu Miu and to be honest I may not actually buy anything from there which doesn't break my heart but I like to dream and inspire my style with the big players in fashion so I chose these on my wishlist....

The following product I have wanted for a while and I think the time to get it will come soon lol since I have played with it a few times at selfridges I like the consistency and how it looks not to orange and not to muddy.

Whats on your wishlist?

Sunday, 5 December 2010

The scent of love

Hey everyone hope you all are having fun on the snow and not sleeping on trains! Poor people who had to do that I feel so bad for them I nearly slipped and fell my self so I guess It hits us all.

On with today's lovely product I decided to give this a little ramble I love it so much and I wanted it for ages and finally got it for my birthday in July and to be honest I was shocked as anything to get it because its so expensive but it was a gift so no guilt there lol. I am talking about Chanel Chance a beautiful light fragrance that expresses luxury and indulgence in a spray I love that feeling of an expensive perfume the depth of the flavours the different levels and notes that only a high end perfume can have forget about these horrible celeb smells a good well done perfume is the way to go.
Chanel xxxxxx
Now I'm not suggesting by any means that you go and splurge on perfumes but don't get caught into buying lots of cheap ones that can smell really synthetic and "air freshneshnerish"

This is not the original Chanel chance this the Au tendre pink one it smells like flowers but not roses and I really dislike rose it had some fruitiness's to it but not an overpowering sweetness like miss Dior Cherie which i thought I liked but didn't really its wearable and I always spray it on after a shower and makes me all warm and fresh at the same time

Have you guys tried any Chanel perfumes?