Saturday, 17 July 2010

Fashion and makeup Haul Photos

So I did a haul about 2 weeks ago but I never got the chance to film it due to busy life lol, but I managed to record it a few days ago and you can find it here.

I also decided to post a few photos just to give you guys a better idea on what my items looked like.

Hope you enjoy!

The makeup photos:

MAC Lipglass in Splashing
Pink lipgloss creamy texture with fine pink sheen

These are the Aldo Monin Caged heels (platform sandle)

If you guys want to see the makeup swatches for the MSF's then click here



Monday, 12 July 2010

wishlist: Gucci BAG!

I love this Gucci bag I think it came otu for a charity cause but I really can't remember, but what i do know is that I want it! I already have a gucci bag wich I will probably show one day in a video somehow but I love the shape and colour of this bag, its just soooo .... I really can't put one word on this so all I can say is that I hope to get it lol!

What are your hope to have handbags?

Saturday, 10 July 2010

A new discovery...

So one day I was very tired, and I really could not be botherd to go to the bathroom sink and wash my make up off, so as I was on my mums bed I looked over her bed and found some rather appealing wipes!

Tada!! Simple have their own baby wipes so I thought to test it out on my face and I am happy to report that the quality of wipe is very good, thick but not harsh on the skin.

The value for money is good too they cost about £2 and you get 56 wipes and if you wear makeup everyday or you use it prior to another remover it could save you alot of money, since MAC wipes cost about £12 a pack (not the cheapest make up item).

The actual removal of the makeup is very comparable to MAC and I have to say I will be topping up on this product instead of using my baby sister's ones :)


Has anyone tried baby wipes to remove their makeup?

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Kim Kardashian Illumafill beauty fusion makeup look

Hey everyone I am so excited to post this because I fell in love with this look on Kim so I had to do it. You will see that I am using a lot of layers but that's because the make-up will last longer on especially If you're going to wear it all night like at a wedding and I have been at so many weddings these past 2 months and found this way good in keeping the eyeshadows still as good as the start.

To know how to get this look click here.

Products mentioned:
  • Smashbox Photofinish lid primer
  • MAC paint pot in Quite Natural
  • MAC eye kohl in Teddy
  • Bodyshop Shimmer cubes pallett in 06 (darkest shade)
  • Bare Minerals eyeshadow in Golden earth
  • L'oreal eyeshadow in Rose gold
  • Rimmel Liquid liner 
  • MAC eye kohl in Feline
  • Maxfactor lash extension mascara

Sunday, 4 July 2010

MAC In the groove haul (swatches and photos)

YAY!! I have been waiting to get my hands on this collection since Temptalia posted a preview on her website, I didn't get much from the collection and mainly because these days I don't want to splurge since I already got other items from MAC but the MSF's are something I really wanted. I have been longing to try MSF's and here was my chance and I love them A LOT!

Here are some photos and swatches enjoy:
Just a general look at my babies!
Just looking at strereo rose is amazing and guess what no chunky glitter!
By Candlelight so pretty perfect highlighter!

Skin swatches:
with flash
Natural light

So overall im happy with what I got the strereo rose definately my favourite even though I wasn't going to get it oooh so close its actually sold out online in the UK so good luck finding it in stores or at counters .


Thursday, 1 July 2010

L'occitan Haul

I am very excited for this haul actually, mainly because I love L'occtitan there products are so good they work well and they are kind of natural.

I have filmed a video on this and this a post to accompany the video and what I got was:

Lait Corporel (DRy skin Body lotion)
2 x Huil De Douche Shower Oil in Alomond
Huil De Douch Shower Oil in Grape YUMM!
Creme mains Dry skin Hand cream
Shampooing Shampoo and Conditioner
Gel Douche Vetyver Showering gel (for me daddy and bro's)
And the Extra Foaming Bubble Bath

Can I just say even though they like to lable eveything in french (since they are a french company) they don't give their products difficult names and always put it in english too which is good :)

I love L'occitan, its like luxury in bottles lol,

Has anybody tired L'occitan before?