Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Review: L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara

So MY previously favorite mascara had just ran out and I needed a new one, I was using Maxfactor lash extension and the Lo'real Renwal serum.
(maxfactor) Brush is good but doesn't pick up enough product

I loved how the maxfactor brush was long and had the plastic comb that which was good to me because it gave me lengh and when I curled my lashes they looked really pretty and people used to ask me if I was wearing false lashes and I always use those comments as my test.

With the L'oreal mascara I wanted to see if the primer made any difference and I wanted to test it out. I bought it when it  lanched in our store so I was excited about it.

I loved how it gave me volume and length but it was a tiny bit clumpy when I got too greedy with it but otherwise I recieved the same false lashes comments, the only thing I did not like was the 2 step application, I became lazy as it came near to finishing and I wanted to try someting better.


ALong came this little beauty it screams GLAMOUR! I love it! The formula is thin enough to not clump but buildable too, it is a plastic comb but because of the design it picks up more mascara from the tube so you get that volume aswell.

cue photos:


After: it volumises and lengthens beautifully however,
I tend to get a litte greedy on the left pic

By the way I never throw away my mascara wands because half of the mascara's magic is in the wand! I use them on cheaper mascara's and my doubles I use on clients to give them a better look.

Has anyone else tried these mascaras?

Houda x

Saturday, 14 August 2010


SO Ramdan is here!!! YAY! all the shaytaans are locked up this month so everyone can concentrate on being good and worshiping allah properly.

For all the non-muslims don't shy away from asking your fellow muslim friends about ramdan its a good time to ask people about it since everyone will be reading the Quraan and updating their own knowledge about their faith.

As for the fasting, yes this year will b longer than last year and maybe a little harder especially if you work but remember that you get more "Ajr" deeds and rewards for it since you struggle more.

Unfortunately for me I have to retake an exam this August and Im dreading studying on an empty stomach :( but inshallah it wont be that bad I have thought about a strategy that I think will help otheres too:

  • Wake up for suhur: A little Obvious I know but it really makes a difference to how long you stay full for, I know many people say they will eat late night or not eat at all and they will be ok but many people forget that if you have suhur ur get the blessing of it .I personally wakeup starving if I dont eat suhur and end up getting all tired and hungry by 9!

  • Eat GOOD FOOD: Dont pile up on the junk as soon as you break your fast it can be tempting to eat all the lovely things that you have been craving all day I know I do but this will just make you bloated and pile on the pounds, which isn't very good, eat your normal. Eat your nornal Iftar but remember to eat a lot of fruit and dates they will give you strengh on your next day. If your lactose intolerant then its a good idea to break your fast with soup, its gentle enough for your stomach to digest after such a long day. I love mushroom soup YUMM!

  • Exercise: Since your fasting your going to get tired and especially if you work you won't be able to exercise as much or do your normal routine like running. So a good thing to do is go to Tarawih, it will help you digest all the food you ate and help keep you stay fit since there are a number of rakkats that you have to do. This will help maintain your fitness level and prevent you gaining too much weight.Lets not forget that Ramadan is a form of detox so stay healthy.

  • Don't get carried away: This month is always the month where all the middle astern channels bring out their best soaps, all the best storylines and films are put on to catch the tired and full viewers, I know its tempting to watch all of them especially if all your friends are talking about it. but be aware that Ramadan is all about rebuilding your faith and becoming a better person.
I hope you guys benefit from this post lots of it is common sense but sometimes we need reminding I will be posting some recipes to give you guys an idea if you feel stuck one day about what to eat.

Houda x

Friday, 13 August 2010

Wishlist: I want I want!

I love doing these wishlist posts not only are they easy to do but its all the fun stuff that I dream to have but cannot justify buying yet, I either have someting like it or I dont need it yet.

 Easytone Rush

Its good to wish right! this time I have a number of things that I would like to share and starting off with the reebok easytone I have been wanting to try them for ages and I think they might be good although their price is a lttle much around £75-90 .

The next few items are NARS and I am a little picky with them due to the fact that they are pricey and I dont easily lean to them but after seeing a few reviews and swatches I found my self actually wanting them.

NARS Rajasthan Eyeshadow duo
I love this duo the colours are so rich and pigmented and the idea of someone saying they feel buttery is just too tempting!

NARS Sudgeproof eyeshadow primer
Im always interested in trying different primers and I heard that it becomes transparent and doesnt have that horrible silica feel I have yet to go and play with it but we shall see when I finish my smashbox lid primer.

 The fanouse NARS Sheer Glow claims to offer dewy second skin like foundation, sounds like my cup of tea! I have to finish my Bobbi Brown foundation first before I can ponder into NARS foundations :(

And last but not least and eyeliner brush with a difference the smashbox arced liner brush, I've been thnking aobut these types of brushes for a while now and I really want to try one but this brush is a tad bit pricey for me , even my MAC 210 wasn't that expensive.

Whats on your wishlist?

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

What I like to wear :)

I have been really loving this summer!!

Especially since I went to so many weddings, I got to experience and search for so many dresses lol. I mean I do that anyway but this time I really had to look for the perfect dress.

I must have looked through so many shops and online shopping and I finally got my dress it was so beautiful I had to get it and I found it at oasis.

I know what you guys are thinking........"why didnt you just go to Asos?" Well I eventually did and found my dress there too.

here is a quick snap shot of my dress!

Oasis Broderie Bandeau Dress

Stunning isn't it I had so muxh fun in this dress, I had other dresses too but one of the weddings I went too was really good because most of my own firends were there so I wanted to look my best. 

On a another note I sometimes get asked what my style is and how i would dress if I didn't wear the head scarf.

My style is very dressy, chic classic and sometimes edgy I hate boring classic so here are a few dresses if I had more weddings to go too lol or any girl only occasion:

I love this dress elegant and feminine :)

I love this dress its very sexy and flattering on curves!

The next outfit is typical summer day outfit that I would wear to see a few friends bare in mind I do not go out like this only at weddings or occasions where there will be no men :) this outfit is a little edgy without being too weird.


I would then pair it with this lovely bag:

Modalu Bristol Grab Handbag, Black Croc
and to finish I would slip on my amazing Aldo Monin Caged Heels:

I hope you guys enjoyed this post about my style I might do more of these in the future .

P.S Ramadan Mubarak to everyone!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

maxi dresses!

Its August and the summer will soon be over, especially in London since its been ages since I saw any sun
but I know that despite the short sunny periods I wore alot of maxi dresses and I have to say they are the most versitile way of keeping cool and on trend .

I saw alot of the celebs sporting them, no to mention them popping up in the magazines and fashion blogs. And although I find them to be a staple in the summer since I can't wear shorts and mini's.

To be honest im not really ready to ut them away for the coming seasons so I decided to play a little and create 2 outfits that could transit from summer into Auntumn and Winter.

One thing you could do is to wear leggings underneath the dress to keep you warm plus I think that they really give that feminine touch to a girl, but if your more of a rocker chic then you could style your maxi dress with a leather jacket and some studded boots!

let me know your ideas for dressing up or down a maxi dress!