Monday, 25 October 2010

Pick me up treats!

I have been  ill for about 2 weeks now cold coughs and now soar throats! I have also noticed how a few other bloggers have been ill too, so I picked up a few things to cheer me up.

I was also really annoyed this week from the London Underground and being squashed into people I'm embarrassing moments as a consequence :(, I actually never really get bothered or annoyed with the tube it gets a little packed but I had never needed to miss 5 trains! but oh well its London enough rambling lets get on with the stuff!

FYI these photos are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S it takes really good photos but is really sensitive to movement so can look a little fuzzed and I can't find my camera at the moment so please bare with me :)

I popped into Republic at westfield and I checked out their sale it was ok I tend ti find good things there but ever since I left working at Superdrug last year I haven't been there in a while I found a nice loose peach cardigan that has that waterfall effect and this pair of earrings that weren't on sale but they had a 20% discount so I had to have them they called out for me!

I love these soooooooooo much!!

I have to say having a blocked nose isn't the most pleasing feeling so I got the Olbas nose inhaler and it helped me I used nose sprays nearly every time I get a cold or flu and its really bad because I end up using it too much the keelnix balsam menthol tissues have helped too so all is going ok.

I also tried Neal's Yard for the first time ever and I have to say that they are by far one of the best brands I have ever come across and I full review will be up soon about the Orange flower Facial oil and my current skin care routine so stay tuned for that!

Lastly I was craving a really nice red nail polish and I remember trying my cousins one but in this really pale pink and I loved the texture, finish and how long it lasted and after wearing it for a week it is the best nail polish No streaking, long lasting, opaque and the shade is perfect! 
FYI : It lasted through a shower using exfoliating gloves and it didn't chip!

It looks a little darker than real life but its dark enough to look classy and bright enough to be nice and warm looking :)

What have you guys bought in the bitter cold weeks ?

Sunday, 24 October 2010

My lucky ten!

 Hey everyone been a busy week for me :( but I thought I would give you my lucky ten a few things I like to do my self to keep me motivated, down to earth and an all round person :)

Be proud of what god gave you
Appreciate what you have in your life don't look at other people
Don't  hold grudges
Don't let other people effect you negatively
Take a chance with your family they are always going to be connected to you
Get rid of people who don't appreciate your growth, your innovation, your creativity
Accept other people's criticism------it may help you in the long term
Give other people a chance to change and let them realise what is wrong or right
Be healthy explore fruits and veg that you like you don't have to eat celery!
Don't label people as ugly if you think they are that's your opinion its not the truth try and find their beauty or something that makes them good see past the face and the body they may change your life physically, academically or emotionally

What are your lucky ten rules that you go bye?

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Urban Decay Naked palette

Allow me to say I LOVE this palette! I rarely give in to hypes because I don't trust the reviews or what people say but this time the way people reviewed it I thought to my self "oh just try it!" so I popped into Debenhams and it was mine I was thinking to get it for a while as I do with most of my makeup since I hate to regret that I bought anything especially when they are expensive.

They are very pigmented, soft and come off the palette onto the brush with ease you don't need to dig the palette like some eyeshadow palettes, I find with this you need to be carfefull that you dotn pick up too much which is great since I don't really want to spend time packing on the eyeshadow!

Lasting power:
Great lasting power the colours stay vibrant and as silky looking as they did in the morning 

Overall verdict:
I love every colour in this collection I love how I can have so many flattering and usefull colours infront of me that suit each other I have been trying colour combinations that I never really would.

I also save time in the moring I just mix anything together and it all looks good I sometimes waste time thinking what I should do that day, looking through my eyeshadow stash and loose time in application.

I recommend this to anyone who has no time to do makeup in the morning and they have to go work/uni or anything where yo don't want to look over done but not all barefaced :)


Have you guys tried the Naked Palette I love it and hope to repurchase it its good value for money dont bother with MAC I have converted!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

ootd and In's and Out's

HELLO Lovely people oh how I love the blogging world lol I decided to do a little OOTD of the outfit I wore on that random day it was hot thanks to my Samsung Galaxy S I was able to see the temperature and all that jazz before I got out of bed! How amazing is that these days I rarely dress inconveniently according to the weather so all is good in that sense.

So for the OOTD

Primark Skinny jeans 2 sizes bigger for the straight leg effect
Butler and Wilson dress
Zara nude coloured cardigan
Next Ballerina flats
Plane cream scarf from Tie Rack

I love the print on this its lovely tones down with neutrals, it also has gold thread around the circles :)
These flats are nice to just throw in a hurry and really keeps the look balanced

In's and Out's


Drinking lots of water I have been taking a 1.5L bottle to Uni and I have found it to be rewarding my skin looks and feels good the dark circles under my eyes a getting lighter therefore means concealer looks better. I did the water drinking thing the summer but somehow lost the routine its back now and hopefully for a while but it would be nice if i didn't have to go to the toilet so often especially in the middle of lectures.

Eating lots of fruits at lunch and during the day I had to start by forcing my self to eat them because I cannot take the sour taste of fruits these days strawberry's, oranges and even my fave blueberries all taste awful but I just shove it in and hey ho! I think that has also made a difference in my skins appearance but the water is what really improved it further.

I am sick this week and today is the 2nd day of my horrid cold there is a virus in my house and poor little 11 month old sister is ill too I can't take her sweet tiny ill face it breaks my heart and I want to cry, so I have been stocking up on Ginger Chews from Holland and Barret's they are the best for colds and soar throats every time I get the flu which also means an itchy or soar throat I always get them especially when your stuck in a lecture and your going to die of dry throat syndrome and water just won't fix it!

Bobbi Brown skin Foundation + NARS Orgasm Illuminator = Dewy, lovely, flawless skin I LOVE this combo even more than strobe lotion it really makes a difference when I use it with the foundation definitely a must for the winter


Light summer clothes that just have to be out away I did do all the season switch over with all my clothes but I still had a few pieces left and they have to go now its just getting too cold!

People who make fun of me because I shop at Primark!!! WTF who the hell does that i have said it once and I will say it again Primark is one of the best shops you can go too if you have a budget in clothing but don't want to miss out on the fashion trends and changing your style its also perfect for the essentials like body tops, vests PJ's 

THERE ARE NO RULES IN FASHION MIX IT UP provided its decent lol

sorry for the long ramble :)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A lipstick to remember.....

As some of you may know (If you follow me on twitter) I purchased my first Chanel Lipstick EVER! from the Coco Rouge collection as my present to me for eid, I was actually  going mad to get it and actually dreamed about it once I know, im so sad and clearly need help :( but seriously these lipsticks are most amazing thing I have ever tried in all my makeup madness! I have tried a few and I did love Bare Minerals lipsticks and the odd MAC I loved any cremsheen and Lustre lipstick and thought the world of them until now.

Let the words "lipstick cream Truffle" explain the texture of the lipstick when I swatched it at selfridges I was soooo giddy to get it my sister said I wouldn't even be this excited if I was meeting a celebrity LOL I felt like I was getting my reward for all the hard work I put it for my exams and I was dying to get it.

I cannot describe how much I love this words would not even live up to its status! but I will tell you that the texture is so light I actually forget that I'm wearing it, I don't even get the slow drying affect that lipsticks have its just superb.

 aahh pure lovelyness!
The colour is in shade Mademoiselle and its the shade that Vanessa Paradis is wearing in the ad I actually searched "chanel lipstick Vanessa paradis" and somehow I found an article telling me that she is wearing Mademoiselle.

I can't wait to buy my next one and have vowed not to buy anything else unless it feels like this so my next buy will probably be the rouge pur couture lipsticks by YSL.

Has anyone tired any Rouge Coco lipsricks or any Chanel ones?

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Bare minerals eyeshadows :)

Ever since my mum bought her Bare escentuals makeup from QVC I went over to her room and inspected the makeup that she had bought because I had never tried anything from QVC so I was a little skeptical. However Bare minerals turned out to be one of my favourite brands I had ever tried and here are a few eyeshadows that I own and a little review of them. 

I havent really come across many blogs that talk about bare minerals eyeshadows even though they truely ere amazing they actually have such a beautiful range of colours and the texture and lasting power of them is amazing I know that they can be foiled (used wet)  but I don't normally have time to do that so I wear them dry and they look just as pigmented.

Price: £13  from stores but will be cheaper to buy from QVC

These are the seven I have:

My current favourites are "Guilded taupe" and "Captivate" GT is a beautiuful skin tone tan colour and had shimmer its beautifull to give the skin some texture and a silky look especially if you don't want to go to bare with your cat eye. Captivate is stunning gold shimmery but not glittery looks like gold silk on lids the perfect finish that I love :)

Guilded Taupe 


The next 2 eyeshadows are great for fall I love the intensity of it and the colours are just right I love how "Golden Earth" looks like chocolate powder. The "smokey diamond" is one not to miss you can wear it on its own for that 3D effect of multiple eyeshadows it has shimmer but not glittery chinky bits I would describe this as the mushroom colour of all time for me considering I loved mushroom by barry M.

Golden Earth (Chocolate brown eyeshadow with Micro fine Shimmer)

Smokey Diamond (The tone is correct to life here but the colour is a tad darker than person)

The next 2 are purple shades I really love "Seduction" its a beautiful muted purple not too in your face so you could wear it to work or university, the other purple shade is a little brighter and its a "bare minerals glimmer"when blended goes on more sheer.



The last eyeshadow of my collection is a beautiful frosty peach  with gold shimmer its very much like a Barry M fine glitter dust but I love to wear it with a plane lid and black eyeliner it really brightens the look especially if your bored with your cat eye :)

Flawless Diamond

Finally here are some swatches:

Top row: Smokey Diamond, Golden Earth, Seduction
Bottom Row: Captivate, Guilded Taupe, Flawless Diamond

Ok now I feel conetnt I have been wanting to finish this post for ages but was free in the day time to actually take the photos properly, I really love these eyeshadows they will last me ages .

Has anyone tried any Bare Minerals eyeshadows if so what do you guys think?

Friday, 8 October 2010

weekly likings

So for the past few weeks I have been using these products since my skin has been a bit bad and it needed some TLC and I also recently discovered a rather pretty perfume.

This the famous is Liz Earle Superbalm Concentrate I have used this before and I had a scar on my brow bone from a hair plucking session that went bad! I was so worried about the scar staying there but sure enough I used this religiously and it healed the horrid scar.

However this time its I needed to use it to heal a few spot scars that just wouldn't go away! I tired loads and I found this at the bottom of my draw and remembered how much I loved it

So in the process if healing my skin I wanted to prevent new spots coming out so I have been using this little sample of SBC propolis gel which is an extract from pollen the lady on QVC said this is what baby bees eat when they are born so its like honey and has antibacterial properties but without the stickiness :)

And Finally just a new perfume from the Bodyshop and its part of the "Love Etc"  range and it smells like a really expensive perfume. I love how small it is and how I can take it to university and not worry about it :)

What are your weekly likings?

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

easy day makeup look

Ok, so today wasn't the best days for weather in London and as the gloomy days come along I feel like putting a little more effort into my makeup, it makes me feel better and using warm browns and "guilded taupes" makes me feel all warm inside.

I actually added the highlight at night because I wasn't really going to take photos but I really wanted some glow and since its dark makeup barely shows so if you think its too shimmery its because the flash makes sooooo shiny and flashy but in natural light it gives my skin a nice evening glow the rest of my makeup was the same.

Throughout the day I was wearing stereo rose MSF and if you don't know what that looks like you will find it here :)

What you will need:

  • Splashing lipglass MAC
  • Peachstock lipstick
  • By candlelight MSF and Campaign Diamond by Bare minerals
  • L'oreal Million Lashes mascara
  • NYX palette I used the brown and the light peach not the coral
  • Bare Minerals Guilded taupe
  • Buxom lashliner
  • MAC feline eyeliner

Because I used only 2 eyeshadows it doesn't take that long to do I first patted the "Guilded taupe" and then blended the brown from the NYX pallette (you can use any warm brown of your choice) I then added a little of the light peach as a higlight, lined my eyes with buxom lashliner and and topped it off with L'oreal Million lashes mascara.

For the face I used the Bare minerals Champaign Diamond Radiance and for highlight I used By Candlelight MSF.The foundation I used had worn off my then since I touch my face a lot in the day but I used Bobbi Brown skin foundation and By Terry concealer in shade 3.

I love the lip combo of peachstock and splashing lipglass its a nice nice but more fleshy than dead just right for me and my medium skin :)

Have fun with it I know it was a bit rushed but I wanted to show what I wore today since it made me feel so happy :)