Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Urban Decay Naked palette

Allow me to say I LOVE this palette! I rarely give in to hypes because I don't trust the reviews or what people say but this time the way people reviewed it I thought to my self "oh just try it!" so I popped into Debenhams and it was mine I was thinking to get it for a while as I do with most of my makeup since I hate to regret that I bought anything especially when they are expensive.

They are very pigmented, soft and come off the palette onto the brush with ease you don't need to dig the palette like some eyeshadow palettes, I find with this you need to be carfefull that you dotn pick up too much which is great since I don't really want to spend time packing on the eyeshadow!

Lasting power:
Great lasting power the colours stay vibrant and as silky looking as they did in the morning 

Overall verdict:
I love every colour in this collection I love how I can have so many flattering and usefull colours infront of me that suit each other I have been trying colour combinations that I never really would.

I also save time in the moring I just mix anything together and it all looks good I sometimes waste time thinking what I should do that day, looking through my eyeshadow stash and loose time in application.

I recommend this to anyone who has no time to do makeup in the morning and they have to go work/uni or anything where yo don't want to look over done but not all barefaced :)


Have you guys tried the Naked Palette I love it and hope to repurchase it its good value for money dont bother with MAC I have converted!

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