Sunday, 17 October 2010

ootd and In's and Out's

HELLO Lovely people oh how I love the blogging world lol I decided to do a little OOTD of the outfit I wore on that random day it was hot thanks to my Samsung Galaxy S I was able to see the temperature and all that jazz before I got out of bed! How amazing is that these days I rarely dress inconveniently according to the weather so all is good in that sense.

So for the OOTD

Primark Skinny jeans 2 sizes bigger for the straight leg effect
Butler and Wilson dress
Zara nude coloured cardigan
Next Ballerina flats
Plane cream scarf from Tie Rack

I love the print on this its lovely tones down with neutrals, it also has gold thread around the circles :)
These flats are nice to just throw in a hurry and really keeps the look balanced

In's and Out's


Drinking lots of water I have been taking a 1.5L bottle to Uni and I have found it to be rewarding my skin looks and feels good the dark circles under my eyes a getting lighter therefore means concealer looks better. I did the water drinking thing the summer but somehow lost the routine its back now and hopefully for a while but it would be nice if i didn't have to go to the toilet so often especially in the middle of lectures.

Eating lots of fruits at lunch and during the day I had to start by forcing my self to eat them because I cannot take the sour taste of fruits these days strawberry's, oranges and even my fave blueberries all taste awful but I just shove it in and hey ho! I think that has also made a difference in my skins appearance but the water is what really improved it further.

I am sick this week and today is the 2nd day of my horrid cold there is a virus in my house and poor little 11 month old sister is ill too I can't take her sweet tiny ill face it breaks my heart and I want to cry, so I have been stocking up on Ginger Chews from Holland and Barret's they are the best for colds and soar throats every time I get the flu which also means an itchy or soar throat I always get them especially when your stuck in a lecture and your going to die of dry throat syndrome and water just won't fix it!

Bobbi Brown skin Foundation + NARS Orgasm Illuminator = Dewy, lovely, flawless skin I LOVE this combo even more than strobe lotion it really makes a difference when I use it with the foundation definitely a must for the winter


Light summer clothes that just have to be out away I did do all the season switch over with all my clothes but I still had a few pieces left and they have to go now its just getting too cold!

People who make fun of me because I shop at Primark!!! WTF who the hell does that i have said it once and I will say it again Primark is one of the best shops you can go too if you have a budget in clothing but don't want to miss out on the fashion trends and changing your style its also perfect for the essentials like body tops, vests PJ's 

THERE ARE NO RULES IN FASHION MIX IT UP provided its decent lol

sorry for the long ramble :)


Salma said...

Preach it sista. There is defo nothing wrong with Primark.

I was intrested when you mentioned that you own the samsung galaxy. Can you post a review for it. I am thinking of buying but I don't think the price justifies it- compared to the iphone.

Layla said...

aww, your poor little sister! i know how you feel, i'm 20 and my youngest sibling is 8 months, so it's always so sad seeing him sick.

i dont get why someone would make fun of you for shopping at primark. They have great stuff!

Houda said...

@layla thanks

@Salma il try and do one for you I love the phone totally worth it for me it helps me in so many ways but I will give a review soon x