Saturday, 27 August 2011

My favourite concealer and corrector combo

To me concealer and Corrector are the most important items of makeup a girl should have, unless you have naturally flawless skin then you don't need to read this :)

I, like many suffer from dark circles under my eyes this is partly genetic since under my eyes naturally lean inside and on bad days look very bad!

In a previous post I featured this "Prep and Prime" under eye corrector thinking it was going to be my "Touche Eclat" but it was orange and so wrong, but it ended up being one of my everyday routines for this summer since orange is good for reducing "ashyness" or when you wear concealer but it looks grey and still doesn't cover it up :(

I usually use my Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer but for everyday its just too much and especially for the summer.
I also feel like the creaminess is a little ageing after a while and since I have been going out  nearly every night I need something that will not crease and look rather "eeew" later on.

2011-08-15 14.01.56
2011-08-15 14.03.37

"MAC prep and prime in Bright Forcast" and "Bourjois Healthy mix concealer in 52 Medium Eclat"

I discovered the healthy mix concealer when YT guru Anna Saccone showed it in her videos so I thought to check it out and I was hesitant at first because it was a drugstore product but sure enough I love it so much I use it everyday it brightens and lightens under my eyes so well I look different!
2011-08-15 14.04.50
It does not crease or cake or give dehydration lines and looks perfect all the time you wear it! The texture is brilinant too, very blendable creamy and opaque .
2011-08-15 14.04.08

Monday, 15 August 2011

A few faves and what I ate :)

So here we have a few of the desserts I ate in July I love deserts of all shapes and sizes and I love trying new ones I crave them during the day so that's why im posting this now :) .

2011-07-27 18.49.51
when you want chocolate but you have a wedding to go to this is what you should eat!
2011-07-20 21.38.03
When your at Cappacino in Westfeild this is what you should order.........YUM!
2011-07-16 16.24.49
Cupcakes for my birthday in July these were from the "Love Bakery" in Chelsea its also the one they have in "Made in Chelsea" my friend told me 
2011-07-16 16.24.39
2011-07-16 16.27.13
As you can see I did enjoy my self a bit but never the less I was careful and did not overdo it .

On to the Stuff:

Again as I was at my cousins house I was rummaging through her stuff since I was bored and I found these I actually did not have much make-up with me things like blush and lip products I forgot at home so I was using these for a few days and I really liked them.
2011-07-28 13.51.58
2011-07-28 13.52.52
I loves this blush my Chanel I forgot to take the name but it is a light peachy pink perfect and soft barely there but gives a wonderful look you can't go wrong with Chanel.
I also tried Hue lipstick from mac its very Kim K but if you wear it without lip gloss it can be a little chalky I still like it and I may purchase it in the future .
2011-07-28 13.53.49
Hue Lipstick/Chanel blush
Lastly I wore this bright red nail polish its so nice the colour is beautiful and is really opaque you only need one coat I applied 2 coats just in case and this was the 5th day. 

I do have one problem with it though, I actually put this on in the night and the following morning I found bed prints on my nails :( I haven't tried H&M nail polish before but they worth a try they also have amazing shine no base coat or top coat.

Accessorize's cave....

Hey guys long time no blog! I know I say it every time I stay away from my blog for ages, but I guess my life is just so busy these days I forget to blog I end up taking pics of everything I want to blog about and end up remembering when im in bed ready to sleep :( .

So I am waiting to eat suhur now in case you guys didn't know its Ramadan and I have been fasting for the past 13 days going on 14 and I love Ramadan so much its such a blessed month and I spend alot of time praying and asking for forgiveness and so forth its already half the month now and it went so fast!

Anyway on to the post, in July I went to Accessorize's sale and they had this really beautiful chunky necklace and I just had to have it was on sale for about £7 and I was so happy since it was about £15 and even though that was still a good price for what it has its FULL with beads! and just looks so amazing. Unfortunately for me I went to counter to discover that it was broken so I still took it and got a little discount off it and got it for £6 YAY!
2011-07-17 13.51.53
2011-07-17 13.52.30

I thought to my self "just fix it your self with a bit of super glue and it will look good!" I ended up wearing it the following day all day and not a bead moved!

2011-07-17 13.53.03
2011-07-17 13.53.20
2011-07-17 13.53.35
2011-07-17 13.52.14
I love the Chanel style chains around it!
I just love it so much its so pretty so glamorous and so me! I love the colours I love the warm feel they have and the combo of brown cold and cream just seem so nice they would suit every season.

When I saw it I straight away thought it would be a great piece for days when you don't know what to wear throw on anything plain and you look like you made an effort when you REALLY did not!

Have you guys ever bought someting broken that you loved so much you ended up fixing your self?