Sunday, 7 October 2012

Autumn/Winter 2012 picks

Hey everyone!

So im sure all of us have felt the cold pinch our noses! I know its pinched mine I feel like asking my mum to make me a crotched nose warmer (Hey you know you want one too!). However I personally love "Fall"fashion I layering is certainly my cum of tea, and one major trend I am loving right now is the Oxblood shade or deep berry as some of you may call it. My favourite way to wear this trend has to be through leather and while I love it on clothes I feel it looks a little more classic as an accent piece to an outfit which is why I chose this for my picks :)

This is the Rebecca Minkoff MAC Daddy Bag in (Burgundy) but with a price tag of £225 I think I might have to weight for the sales!

As for fashion you may think it has been over done or you are probably seeing it everywhere but I cant help but mention it and yes its the PEPLUM 

I found two types that I liked,one was a simple black understated off the shoulder top just gives it a real romantic feel,I also love that the peplum part starts at the lower waist giving a more elongated look.

As for my second choice this beautiful dress caught my eye its not your usual peplum dress and reminds me a little of what "Kate Middleton" would wear. The pleated detail on the side gives just enough shape to enhance your silhouette while not being too overpowering around the waist line.

What do you guys think of the Autmun/Winter trends this year? 

Houda xx

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Wishlist picks Autumn Edition

So sometimes when im rummaging through life I spot a few things I see here and there and while I wouldn't say I over spend or consume I do like the finer things in life mainly because other things seem to fail me in terms of quality. I am also excited for autumn I feel it gives me more to play with the  fashion, the layers the colours I feel are more forgiving. Today was a rainy day at home and I loved the feeling of warm house with the rain patting the windows, it really made me feel so grateful that I wasn't stuck out in the rain and that I had a roof over my head (alhamdulilah).

Anyway so on to the picks that I have been wishing for!

The Zatchel I love the red colour I feel its perfect for autumn especially since its a deep red I can imagine it going with so many outfits for the coming months. Another reason why I love it so much is that it is a classic piece that will last for years.Perfect!

Next up is something that most people have already and that hasn't put me off wanting it at all, I love anything rose gold and this watch is something I like also because it has a purpose, not only is it stunning but its a WATCH! I love how detailed it is and even though there are so many rose gold items out there nothing compares to how beautifully classic it is, lastly due to its pinkish peach colour it would suit every skin tone.

The Michael Kors Rose Gold Chronograph Watch MK5263 ahhh just look at it! 

As for footwear this Autumn I love Zara and specifically this classy sleek ankle boot it looks like it came off the catwalk not your average ankle boot :)

What are your Autumn picks year?

Houda xx

Monday, 17 September 2012

What Im Loving Right Now

Hey guys,

I know I have been MIA and I probably say this every time I post on this I seem to have the same excuse but a lot of things are going on right now as with most bloggers things do get in the way of what YOU want to do and sometimes blogging has to be pushed to the side. I also never blog if I dont't feel like it because I feel like it translates in to my content and then I don't really feel like I actually blogged and got my fix!

Anyhoo as a person who is obsseed with make-up, beauty and the like I always feel like I need to get a "New product thrill" and while I dont like impulse buys at all I usually steer clear of that feeling because hey lets face it its make up and "life aint cheap!" I got my hands on this sample of Dior show New Look mascara. I like the smaller brushes sometimes because I hate missing out lashes on my eye. 

I personally don't think I have loooong lashes, they are decent not complaining but they definitely need help to stand out shall we say.

I do like this mascara but I feel it is good for the day, it defines well and lengthens but doesn't really give you volume. I like to use it after my L'Oreal Voluminous 24hr mascara just to get a defined look.

I tried so many timesto get a shot of my lashes but the camera was so blurry I just couldn't get it to focus :( 

Another product I have been really appreciating these days is from Maybelline and its the 24 Hour Colour Tattoo in And on Bronze 

I love the colour is gives very multi-dimensional and goes along with all those other shades like woodwinked that give such a great look you can wear it on its own.

I like how its a cool bronze rather than an Orange based colour like Woodwinked, I always reach for it when I literally have no time to get ready and look good.

Finally for skincare I really love the Origins "Drink up Intensive Overnight Mask" it just feels like a really nice moisturiser and its great for travelling anywhere it would be cold and dry, I haven't used it much in the past summer months because it has been very hot and I didn't feel I needed extra moisture.

The main ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid which works over night to moisturise the skin and you wakeup with lovely soft skin :)

Has anyone tried these products before? what do you guys think of the overnight mask? 

Houda xx

Saturday, 2 June 2012

MAC Extra Dimension Highlighter in "Superb"

So I have had a chaotic and difficult few months for me with Uni, looking after my grandma along with my immediate family, but things are calming down and I finally have the chance to blog about stuff that I have been liking in the past few months.

I will always have a love for MAC products they were the only brand that really opened up my eyes to make-up and while I don't go mad at every collection I do buy a few things every year and this past couple of months I have been loving the liquid powder highlighter that came out recently from the "Extra Dimension" collection.

The shade is in the colour "Superb" which is a rose gold colour with a hint of peach, when swatched it gives a beautiful wet look highlighter and on me it lasted a really long time.

I initially found it difficult to work with with, the powder was very dense but VERY pigmented and although it is very light when placed on my cheek bones it is still rather too dark and while it gives off an amazing shine I have to blend it downwards to my cheek area as it looks better if I wear it more as a blush.

Despite the slight confusion I love it now and I would not be without it, that shine is like no other my MSF's are not that finely milled you cant see any specks of glitter and that's what I love.

Here are a few photos of the powder enjoy...

Has anyone else tried these highlighters? They say that this particular shade is similar to the Estee lauder highlighter that came out last summer.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Breaking the Drugstore Snob (Fashionista Blush in Flush)

OK so I remember being the sort of person who really did not like or trust drugstore brands I felt like I would feel and get better look always with higher end or MAC makeup, and despite not being someone who can easily spend money on such high end brands my make-up collection wasn't always that big because I would only really buy something if I really wanted it.

Now that I think of it my make-up collection does sort of represent my personality I find my self not lusting over what to buy and getting bored of what I have but rather lusting over a product or 2 that I belive would change my life or just be different.

I also rarely impulse buy on make-up and even if I do its probably because I was looking for a product channelling the product I purchased.

I worked in Superdrug for a year which had its highs and lows a big high was the chance to play with make-up all day and wear it as part of my job and although it wasn't as strict or serious as department stores the Westfield store I worked at almost expected their beauty sales person to "know it all" and since I naturaly was obsessed with make-up I had no problem attending to that role.

I was curious about the products sleek had just come out but I still did not trust it I felt that it would just be a new brand that hasn't got any real good products.

However people were dying for the brand it only came to our store 6 months later which to me was bizare since we were a flagship store.

Anyhoo I slowly began to "trust" drugstore brands like borjois who I loved their mascaras and 3D gloss, I hated their little round pot blush as I thought it was just pathetic!

I loved maybeline mascaras too and I have never bought a high end mascara EVER! but I have tried MAC's Haute and Naughty lash which I love and was sent to me :)

I thought that most foundations were rubbish too I would swatch so many all day and play all day helping customers and just think to my self "I cannot believe the colours that these companies come out with!"

One brand that I thought was good with colours was Revlon's foundations and the fact that they catered for dry and oily skin made them popular among customers. They had good blushes too in my opinion and good eyeshadows and liners but RUBBISH mascaras.

Eventually a few favourites came to be mine such as L'oreal Mascaras the double ended ones, their blushes too and I thought Gosh had a few good products too.

Over the years I have been going into these drugstores with a more open mind having had the time to test and play with products I kind of knew what to expect of new and certain products.

Fast forward to now and I am loving Fashionista available at Superdrug. A few months ago I was browsing for a new blush as my Chanel blush that I had bought around 6 years ago was finally going to run out and I did not want to be left without a similar colour, I swatched a few blushes and this brand cought my eye the smooth shiney black packaging made me give it a go, I swatched the blushes and thought to my self "OMG it is actually really good!"

So for £4 I purchased this beauty and had high hopes.......

What can I say

I do love it its very pigmented but you must use a light hand as it can be very easy to get too much product and look like a plum! which is also a good thing as I sometimes get very frustrated when I am in a rush and have to try and pack on blush to my cheeks to look normal.

On most days blush and concealer is all I will wear to give me the "no make-up" make-up look.

The colour is in "Flush" which is a rosy pink and gives a nice flush of colour the actual blush in real life is a tad bit darker than in the photos.

Here are a few swatches and photos of the blush :)

Has anyone else tried this brand and if so what do you think about it?

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Makeup forever HAUL

OK so I have been wanting to go to this store in London for ages, I knew from Pixiwoo that there one store in Fulham that that stocks Makeupforever I have always heard of their products being such good quality full of pigment and that they last for ages especially the Aqua line.
I kinda got lost when I got off at Parsons Green Station but took the long way there walking as I decided to follow navigation map on my phone :)

When I went in I was in awe! I thought the store would be a little larger but it is basically a 2 storey studio with the bottom floor housing all the Makeupforever products and a few other brands like Bioderma and Embryolisse.

I played for a while with all the products trying to hide how excited I am I also saw an air brush make-up kit that I forgot the name of, but it was cool to see.

I eventually picked up for products in total and I think I chose a good amount to try and explore the brand in general.

I got an Aqua cream in the colour 16 which is a muted pink almost dusty the texture is amazing soft highly pigmented not like anything I have ever seen this little pot throws all other types of cream shadow out the window!

Verdict: Love 

The "Uplight" "Face Luminizer gel" was what caught my eye the most and is really one of the most amazing products I have come across, maybe I haven't seen or played with enough products but over everything I own and everything my friends own and all the time spent playing on the make-up counters I really have not seen any highlighter better than this

Why is it so good?

The sheen is ultra fine its not even micro shimmer it is way smaller it is what you would imagine a super amazing strobe cream from mac would be like, it dires quick so you don't just sit there waiting for it to settle but you still get time to blend and and adjust the finish to suit you. you also do not need much at all the amount  in the photo is way too much and you will see how much it spreads you have to work hard not to release too much product by pressing the nozzle firmly on your hand while you press the pump down.

as you can see its the perfect highlighter
Verdict: Love 

I also had to pick up an "Aqua eyes" eye liner and an "Aqua lip liner" which are both said to be water proof products.

As much as I wanted to get a coloured eye liner I knew that I would really use a black one more and since my Urban decay 24/7 liner was nearly done I decided on the black one.

I love the longevity of this eye liner, this eye liner is also blend-able yet also settles so it doesn't smudge throughout the day at all.
The lady at the store did point out to me that compared to the regular eye liners it isn't as dark but that is due to the formula but I don't mid as the formula is more important to me.

Verdict: good for a waterproof eye liner

Aqua lip liner:
Most lip liners let alone long lasting lip liners tend to be dry, but this is so creamy so pigmented I chose this colour as its always what I go for  pretty rosy pinks,  bright enough to give a fresh look this will go with most of my lipsticks but I plan to wear it on its own as I really love the colour.

A beautiful rosy colour that would also go nicely underneath a nude lipstick like myth, fleshpot, or hue to make it more wearable.

Verdict: LOVE

Overall I am really am really happy with everything I got I do hope I will go and explore more of their products, I will leave you with a few photos of the store....enjoy 

Have you been to the Guru-Make-up Emporium in Fulham/Parsons Green?

Monday, 23 January 2012

A very collective haul.......

OK so over the past few weeks I have accumulated al ot of things!! TOO MANY lol no..only joking but it feels like a lot because I guess I haven't been in shopping for a good while so I think its a good enough excuse. :)

I usually have certain things in mind when I go shopping I rarely buy something on impulse and I always seem to think again and again go home research....think......then buy if I still think about it.

Lets keep it short and simple..

I am not the largest Lush fan but I could not pass on the bubbly bath thingies and the bath ballistics! they are making my room smell AMAZING!!! it doesn't smell like a typical lush shop in my room but rather a strong rich smell of everything I love Vanila, Chrismasy smells, ylan ylang/Jasmine and roses.

Christmas eve: A blue bubblr bath with a yellow moon :) smells og Ylang Ylang and Jasmine (I rarely go for jasmine on its own as I feel it has the tendency to smell like opinion)

Three Gold rings: A beautiful smelling bubble bath, it has my favourite scent VANILLA and something else cannot remember I have yet to use it yet but when Christmas comes back I will be buying MORE!

Rose Jam: a rose infused bubble bar think "Turkish Delight"
Vanilla bath ballistic: A true vanilla smell my favourite ever!!!!
Cinders Bath Ballistic: another Christmas one smells citrus-y and had a few orange candy pops yay!

I also popped into this new Italian make-up store in Westfields white City called KIKO as my friend was begging me to go with her and she knows I cannot resist discovering new make-up that is possibly good!

I paid £3 for these eyeshadows each but normally they are £6 they are bigger and cheaper than MAC eyeshadows, pigmentation is also great you really do not need much and you can pack on colour if you need an intense look

The peach pink colour is a light matt eyeshadow with tiny flecks of glitter I really like that as the tiny glitters give a little glamour while not being too shimmery and pearly.

Te Navy blue colour has shimmer but they disappear as you blend which I love, so you can wear it in the crease and have a shimmery highlight too :)

I have really enjoyed both colours especially the Navy colour with MAC Brule.

My friends also got me some long awaited Argan oil that is soooo amazing and has such a lovely nutty smell!

I use it on my face and hair I love using facial oils my other favourite is the Neils yard orange flower facial oil,


I got a few things from H&M in the sale which is never to be missed its always good I always leave with something!

I Love this blazer!! I have the same exact blazer in black from Zara but this one is £50 cheaper! I was also glad I did not spend that much on the other blazer.

The yellow mustard top was £8 NOT ON SALE :)

The kimono style blouse jacket thing was £30 and I got it for £10!! I never really buy much stuff along the year and I personally feel I did buy too much even though I only really ever buy something I would wear everyday.

I also finally got my hands on the coveted Bioderma makeup remover!

Quick review:
I love it.
Removes everything.
No residue
I cannot feel on my face after using it
No smell at all but slightly a metal scent which I guess comes from the minerals in it :)

Lastly I picked up a clutch from the Accesorize sale, I really feel like its a bit over priced so when the sale was on I got a really good amount of stuff :)

I was actually looking for a generous size clutch to take to uni on days when I am not that busy its about the size of an A4 paper so perfect for me I got it for £8.40 from £14 which I think is pretty good!

I did get a few more othe things from Philosophy but some are lost due to my baby sister throwing them somewhere which is really annoying!! but I love her too much to to tell her off!

Did you guys shop the sales? I really think they were good this year :)