Sunday, 23 September 2012

Wishlist picks Autumn Edition

So sometimes when im rummaging through life I spot a few things I see here and there and while I wouldn't say I over spend or consume I do like the finer things in life mainly because other things seem to fail me in terms of quality. I am also excited for autumn I feel it gives me more to play with the  fashion, the layers the colours I feel are more forgiving. Today was a rainy day at home and I loved the feeling of warm house with the rain patting the windows, it really made me feel so grateful that I wasn't stuck out in the rain and that I had a roof over my head (alhamdulilah).

Anyway so on to the picks that I have been wishing for!

The Zatchel I love the red colour I feel its perfect for autumn especially since its a deep red I can imagine it going with so many outfits for the coming months. Another reason why I love it so much is that it is a classic piece that will last for years.Perfect!

Next up is something that most people have already and that hasn't put me off wanting it at all, I love anything rose gold and this watch is something I like also because it has a purpose, not only is it stunning but its a WATCH! I love how detailed it is and even though there are so many rose gold items out there nothing compares to how beautifully classic it is, lastly due to its pinkish peach colour it would suit every skin tone.

The Michael Kors Rose Gold Chronograph Watch MK5263 ahhh just look at it! 

As for footwear this Autumn I love Zara and specifically this classy sleek ankle boot it looks like it came off the catwalk not your average ankle boot :)

What are your Autumn picks year?

Houda xx

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