Thursday, 9 February 2012

Breaking the Drugstore Snob (Fashionista Blush in Flush)

OK so I remember being the sort of person who really did not like or trust drugstore brands I felt like I would feel and get better look always with higher end or MAC makeup, and despite not being someone who can easily spend money on such high end brands my make-up collection wasn't always that big because I would only really buy something if I really wanted it.

Now that I think of it my make-up collection does sort of represent my personality I find my self not lusting over what to buy and getting bored of what I have but rather lusting over a product or 2 that I belive would change my life or just be different.

I also rarely impulse buy on make-up and even if I do its probably because I was looking for a product channelling the product I purchased.

I worked in Superdrug for a year which had its highs and lows a big high was the chance to play with make-up all day and wear it as part of my job and although it wasn't as strict or serious as department stores the Westfield store I worked at almost expected their beauty sales person to "know it all" and since I naturaly was obsessed with make-up I had no problem attending to that role.

I was curious about the products sleek had just come out but I still did not trust it I felt that it would just be a new brand that hasn't got any real good products.

However people were dying for the brand it only came to our store 6 months later which to me was bizare since we were a flagship store.

Anyhoo I slowly began to "trust" drugstore brands like borjois who I loved their mascaras and 3D gloss, I hated their little round pot blush as I thought it was just pathetic!

I loved maybeline mascaras too and I have never bought a high end mascara EVER! but I have tried MAC's Haute and Naughty lash which I love and was sent to me :)

I thought that most foundations were rubbish too I would swatch so many all day and play all day helping customers and just think to my self "I cannot believe the colours that these companies come out with!"

One brand that I thought was good with colours was Revlon's foundations and the fact that they catered for dry and oily skin made them popular among customers. They had good blushes too in my opinion and good eyeshadows and liners but RUBBISH mascaras.

Eventually a few favourites came to be mine such as L'oreal Mascaras the double ended ones, their blushes too and I thought Gosh had a few good products too.

Over the years I have been going into these drugstores with a more open mind having had the time to test and play with products I kind of knew what to expect of new and certain products.

Fast forward to now and I am loving Fashionista available at Superdrug. A few months ago I was browsing for a new blush as my Chanel blush that I had bought around 6 years ago was finally going to run out and I did not want to be left without a similar colour, I swatched a few blushes and this brand cought my eye the smooth shiney black packaging made me give it a go, I swatched the blushes and thought to my self "OMG it is actually really good!"

So for £4 I purchased this beauty and had high hopes.......

What can I say

I do love it its very pigmented but you must use a light hand as it can be very easy to get too much product and look like a plum! which is also a good thing as I sometimes get very frustrated when I am in a rush and have to try and pack on blush to my cheeks to look normal.

On most days blush and concealer is all I will wear to give me the "no make-up" make-up look.

The colour is in "Flush" which is a rosy pink and gives a nice flush of colour the actual blush in real life is a tad bit darker than in the photos.

Here are a few swatches and photos of the blush :)

Has anyone else tried this brand and if so what do you think about it?