Monday, 23 January 2012

A very collective haul.......

OK so over the past few weeks I have accumulated al ot of things!! TOO MANY lol no..only joking but it feels like a lot because I guess I haven't been in shopping for a good while so I think its a good enough excuse. :)

I usually have certain things in mind when I go shopping I rarely buy something on impulse and I always seem to think again and again go home research....think......then buy if I still think about it.

Lets keep it short and simple..

I am not the largest Lush fan but I could not pass on the bubbly bath thingies and the bath ballistics! they are making my room smell AMAZING!!! it doesn't smell like a typical lush shop in my room but rather a strong rich smell of everything I love Vanila, Chrismasy smells, ylan ylang/Jasmine and roses.

Christmas eve: A blue bubblr bath with a yellow moon :) smells og Ylang Ylang and Jasmine (I rarely go for jasmine on its own as I feel it has the tendency to smell like opinion)

Three Gold rings: A beautiful smelling bubble bath, it has my favourite scent VANILLA and something else cannot remember I have yet to use it yet but when Christmas comes back I will be buying MORE!

Rose Jam: a rose infused bubble bar think "Turkish Delight"
Vanilla bath ballistic: A true vanilla smell my favourite ever!!!!
Cinders Bath Ballistic: another Christmas one smells citrus-y and had a few orange candy pops yay!

I also popped into this new Italian make-up store in Westfields white City called KIKO as my friend was begging me to go with her and she knows I cannot resist discovering new make-up that is possibly good!

I paid £3 for these eyeshadows each but normally they are £6 they are bigger and cheaper than MAC eyeshadows, pigmentation is also great you really do not need much and you can pack on colour if you need an intense look

The peach pink colour is a light matt eyeshadow with tiny flecks of glitter I really like that as the tiny glitters give a little glamour while not being too shimmery and pearly.

Te Navy blue colour has shimmer but they disappear as you blend which I love, so you can wear it in the crease and have a shimmery highlight too :)

I have really enjoyed both colours especially the Navy colour with MAC Brule.

My friends also got me some long awaited Argan oil that is soooo amazing and has such a lovely nutty smell!

I use it on my face and hair I love using facial oils my other favourite is the Neils yard orange flower facial oil,


I got a few things from H&M in the sale which is never to be missed its always good I always leave with something!

I Love this blazer!! I have the same exact blazer in black from Zara but this one is £50 cheaper! I was also glad I did not spend that much on the other blazer.

The yellow mustard top was £8 NOT ON SALE :)

The kimono style blouse jacket thing was £30 and I got it for £10!! I never really buy much stuff along the year and I personally feel I did buy too much even though I only really ever buy something I would wear everyday.

I also finally got my hands on the coveted Bioderma makeup remover!

Quick review:
I love it.
Removes everything.
No residue
I cannot feel on my face after using it
No smell at all but slightly a metal scent which I guess comes from the minerals in it :)

Lastly I picked up a clutch from the Accesorize sale, I really feel like its a bit over priced so when the sale was on I got a really good amount of stuff :)

I was actually looking for a generous size clutch to take to uni on days when I am not that busy its about the size of an A4 paper so perfect for me I got it for £8.40 from £14 which I think is pretty good!

I did get a few more othe things from Philosophy but some are lost due to my baby sister throwing them somewhere which is really annoying!! but I love her too much to to tell her off!

Did you guys shop the sales? I really think they were good this year :)


Muhsine Emin said...

wowzers, alot of stuff heh :) so glad u like tthe bioderma, & love that blazer. xx

Houda said...

lol thanks I knowwwwww it was a fair bit of stuff I love the bioderma

couture-and-the-city said...

Hii Just discovered your blog! I really want to try the Bioderm makeup remover as the clostest thing that I have gotten to a good makeup reomover is the nivea makeup wipes as they dont irritate my skin. Also I have wanted to try argan oil for ages. How you finding it? Lovely Blog Mashallah! Du'a x