Wednesday, 8 September 2010

weekly likings :)

OK so this week I found this lipgloss in my stash underneath everything else I used at a wedding and  forgot all about it, and since its ramadan I've been laying off the lip products since you are not supposed to wear anything in case you lick it :( I generally don't mind that because I can apply lip balm after I break my fast.

The lipsgloss I found was the Buxom lip polish by Bare Minerals I love this brand! their products never seem to disappoint me and I always go for my mineral foundation and my favourite eyeshadow is "Guilded taupe" which I will talk bout soon in a post about their eyeshadows REMIND ME! please :)

I grabbed  this because I was going out for iftar and I thought I would take a lipgloss with me to put on after.

Its a lip plumping gloss and has a coral colour to it, its not opaque has suttle shimmer but no real glitter just a really nice glisten to the lips I would definitely say it goes well on top of a nude lip and would be a perfect KimK pout!

It contains 100% pure minerals and smells really nice like toffee it makes you wanna lick it but I hate that habit so I don't do it :/

The website like to show it as this colour but it is so misleading the image shows it to be a medium brown but it really isn't!

Here are some swatches of the product I really love it and I rarely wear Lipgloss due to the stickyness or smell that some of them have.

There is only one thing I dislike about this product and its the plumping action I really cannot stand the plumping agent in this it actually feels like its burning my lips I cannot wear it on its own and I always have to wear lipstick underneath it otherwise it stings :(

I don't know why its so strong maybe because its natural but its a real turn off, and since then I have been trying hard to look for a good non sticky and stinky dupe but no success yet.

I haven't tried the other buxom lip range but I might do so because I just love how this makes my lips look!

Does anyone have a good dupe or a nice coral lipgloss that would be the same?


Tali said...

LOVE buxom lips. Im not sure how i feel about the feeling of them (after a while its a bit annoying) but i do notice a big difference in volume. I have no top lip so i always use plumpers. Im too scared to get an injection so these are a great option for me!

Houda said...

I actually really love this but the lip plumping thing not so sure about it, have you tried anything similar to this colour Im deing to get a dupe colour ir it :(