Saturday, 5 June 2010

Reveiw: NARS Multiple in Orgasm

Hello my lovelies! I have come back again to my blogging and will hopefully be updating my blog everyday I am also going to give my blog a few tweeks here and there to jazz it up a bit.

So I have been using this product since last summer when it came out and everyone was excited about it and wanted to get there hands on it me included but I have had problems with it which led me to give a very harsh review about it on my chanel butI thought i would give it a go for longer and see how I feel.

Now this product looks lovely on the skin a little frosty which is not good for me but I was hoping for more of a sheen than frost, and the glitter shows up too much on my cheeks, and as much as I wanted to love this product I didn't. The staying power of this product was not the best either, you have to set it with something otherwise it just somes off with a stroke and I really hated that especially when Im rushing through lectures and touching my face (which I do alot) I don't have the time to re-apply it so it gets all patchy and slides of my face.

As for value for money it does last a long time a year if you use it everyday but it costs £27 and I don't think I will buy this again even if it is a good base under other blushes but even if you do that you kind of defeat the purpose dont you think?

Let me know your experiences with this product x

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