Saturday, 26 June 2010

A new discovery...

About 2 years ago I bought these pumps from Rocket Dog at Next (btw I love next don't judge the brand by their shop) and I actually could not fit in them I am a size 6 UK and so are these but I wasn't sure if it was me or the shoes so I just stuffed them in my wardrobe and forgot about them.

Then one day when I was doing my BIG Spring Summer clear out and I found them again and decided to give them a try around the house since I only ever wear shoes that I am unsure about on carpet incase I give them away or sell them. Usually I don't go for these type of shoes because my style is more girly but these are so pretty  but with an edge. ( I love the cute gems, little deer and mushroom thingy)

So I walked around the house for about an hour as I though I would break into them further the result was some pain inmy big toe but I feel like they are too pretty to give away or sell I love them they are great for casual days without looking like your lazy with your clothes so I guess I will be keeping them :)

Has anybody else made a new discovery from their past?

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