Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Dr Organic Hair Care Haul and hair loss story

Hey guys!

I am going to start a series about hair health and hair loss and the things I have learned and come across since my concerns started in 2011. I will cover and review
treatments I have used both store bought and home remedies and what I think has worked or not.

Since 2011 I have been researching and obsessing over the topic of hair thinning and hair loss. I contracted a virus that affected my liver and since then my hair has not been the same. I must admit I didn't wake up bald but the thickness, texture and look of my hair changed. To be honest it was my mum who questioned the appearance of my hair as she was concerned that it wasn't looking as healthy as it usually did. 

I then examined my hair my self and to my worry I felt like my mum was right. I was so afraid and started researching about the causes of hair-loss and all things hair.

As a woman our hair is so valuable to us and its OK to admit that I was worried about it and if my hair's quality would get better. A lot of my friends agreed that their own experience with hair-loss affected their confidence as it did to me too. 

I quickly learned that stress and vitamin deficiencies could be a cause for hair thinning. As I was studying for my degree ans was ill for a while, I concluded that I probably had a bit of both causing this hair problem of mine. 

Off I started searching for home remedies and methods to nourish my hair and one of the first things I did was to get rid of all Sulphates and parabens from my hair products. That meant SLS and paraben free shampoos and conditioners. I wanted to make sure that I was clearing my scalp from all things harmful or any ingredients that would leave a residue or build up on my scalp.

I also started applying conditioner to my scalp and slowly massaging in the product and then leaving it as a mask while I go about my shower. 

One brand that I have found to be amazing is Dr organic. Their products are free of SLS, Paraben, fragrances and harsh chemicals. 

Call me a hippy but I have gotten used to it and find it so normal and natural to go back to using ridiculous chemicals on something like your scalp I even use paraben free products on my face and body so why not my scalp. 

 My Favourite for scalp blood flow stimulation and scalp revitalization Dr Organic Tea Tree Shampoo £5.49

The shampoos actually leave my hair really clean despite being SLS free. The conditioner is one of the best I have used and actually works against the hardness of the water which in the past has really made my hair look like a rats nest even after conditioning and rinsing with cool water. 

In my opinion I feel that the coconut one works the best and does give my hair a good shine and keeps my scalp moisturised. The products have a really strong herbal scent which I don't mind, but if you are not one for botanical and herbal scents you might find this brand a little overpowering.

Since I also liked the Argan range I decided to try out the Argan hair mask as my ends are really scraggly and don't really want to chop them off yet. 

To my surprise the mask actually worked and make them less crispy and dry so thumbs up from me!

In General I really love the Dr Organic (Hair care) products and I never seem dissatisfied with anything. My only wish is that they would sell them in Boots or Superdrug as it can be annoying trying to look for a Holland and Barrats sometimes. 

Let me know if you would like a detailed review of any of the products you see here and I will get on to it!

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