Monday, 19 January 2015

Back to blogging!

After a two and a half year break finishing university, starting my first job and moving to the next. I am finally back blogging. I also had some family issues (my grandmother had suffered many health downfalls) and basically real life had taken over.

However fear not I am going to try and blog whenever the blog bulbs flash over my head!. A lot has changed in the past few years and so has the taste in my makeup. One make up brand that I have been lusting over is Charlotte Tilbury. Her makeup is very chic classy with a little edge I love the way she styles her makeup looks and is a good ambassador for British makeup brands.

My latest splurge has been the much talked about Lip cheat Lipliner in "Pillow Talk" and Kissing Lipstick in "B*tch Perfect". 

Let me just tell you, the texture of the lip liner is like butter and glides amazingly on the lips. I have naturally dry lips and have to work hard to apply lip liners and make them still look good. However this one worked with ease and blended beautifully giving me a (my lips but better) look. The lipstick packaging is also very glam and has a rose gold tint that does not seem to be picked up by my camera, I love whipping this out it just looks so expensive!

The lipstick has a cream yet pigmented finish and leaves a slight gloss giving the illusion of bigger lips which is always a plus.This lipstick also contains "Lipstick Tree" extract a tropical plant from America which helps protect the lips from UV damage. The colour is very build-able and can also work fine as a matte lipstick if you apply a little loose powder  on top to set.

I would describe "Pillow Talk" lip liner as a nude pinkish browny shade and a very wearable colour that would adapt to many skin tones and give a polished look. However the lipstick is has less pink tones and more neutral and peachy which work very well together. I personally like to over line the center of my lips just a little to give a fuller effect and it works wonders!

Over the years I have tried to steer towards products that are free of parabens due to many reasons so I was overjoyed when I read that this Lipstick was paraben free!

See below a full list of the ingredients for your information too. Please excuse the bent packaging they have been living in my bag ever since I got them :) 

I absolutely love these two gems and will definitely try and get my hands on some other pretty makeup items that I had my eyes on.

These lip products can be purchased at Selfridges and cost £23 for the "Kissing" lipstick and £16 for the "Lip cheat" Lip liner.

Let me know if you ave tried anything from Charlotte Tilbury and what you recommend!

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